The best defensive players of Matchdays 1-4

RoksaCzv22, Mucahit22, and ETTORITO97 currently lead the league in defensive gameplay

The best defensive player ranking of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ looks very different from the top scorers and the top assists providers ones, with AS Roma, Galatasaray SK and Juventus players leading it. After four Matchdays of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ, these are the numbers of the most successful defenders:


RoksaCzv22 has proven to be a positive influence not only as a captain for AS Roma, but as a defensive player, topping the table with 7,317 points. He is also tied for the best defensive positioning at 2,627 points, sharing the impressive statistic with Celtic FC’s umbee96_. Although his defensive gameplay is what has given him the spotlight in the 2020-21 season of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ, he has also scored the third highest amount of goals of any player this season (8), making it clear that his PES skills overall make him worthy of competing for the championship.


As one of only two rookie players to place in the top three positions of these crucial statistics, Mucahit21 has established himself in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ and helped make a name for Galatasaray SK in the competition. He is also one of only two players who have been able to break past the 7,000 point mark for defensive gameplay within the first four matchdays this season. In addition, he is the top proactive defender in the league with 4,710 points. Although Galatasaray SK has remained within the last two rankings on the league table throughout the season so far, talent like Mucahit21’s leaves the competition open for all competitors as they enter the second half of the Regular Season.


Juventus captain ETTORITO97 is less than 50 points away from being part of the small group of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ players that have been able to surpass the 7,000 point mark in defensive points, currently standing at 6,967. In addition to his impressive defensive gameplay, he also has the third highest number of assists in the league (7), and was awarded the Most Valuable Player award for his performance in Matchay 2 this season. While Juventus is currently ranked outside of Knockout Stage contention at this point, only one point separates them from the 6th place team, making the upcoming competition crucial for their advancement in the league.

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