Top scorers of the first half of the Regular Season

Check out how Kilzyou, THE PALMA, and ALEXR have landed themselves as the top scorers of the 2020-21 season so far

At this point of the eFootball.Pro IQONIQ Regular League, after four Matchdays, two players of FC Barcelona and one of AS Monaco lead the top goal scorers ranking. These are their numbers:


After Matchday 4, which took place on February 13th prior to the break in the Regular Season, AS Monaco’s Kilzyou managed to shoot up to the top of the goal scorers list after an iconic five successful shots in those two games alone. Added to the six goals he had achieved in the previous three matchdays, he has now scored 11 goals so far this season, making him responsible for over half of AS Monaco’s total number of goals up until this point in the competition (21). He also leads the league with the most shots on target (17).


THE PALMA is tied for the second highest amount of goals scored throughout the 2020-21 season so far. The FC Barcelona captain had only scored one per match in Matchdays 1 and 2, however he picked up the pace with four in Matchday 3 and three in the most recent competition. Not only is the number of shots he has achieved impressive, but the quality as well, which awarded him the best goal award of the third matchday for his shot in minute 49’ of Game 1. He is the only returning FC Barcelona player this season. 


As the youngest player in the league at just sixteen years old, as well as being one of the new players entering the league this season, ALEXR had a lot to prove. Up until this point, he has done so successfully by establishing himself as one of the top scorers, tied with his team captain THE PALMA with nine goals. He has made waves from the beginning of the competition, receiving the best goal award for his first shot in minute 34’ of the second game of Matchday 1. He is also tied for third most shots on target (14).

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