FC Barcelona rookie ALEXR claims the first best goal award of the 2020-21 season

The eFootball.Pro newcomer made his skills known with an award-worthy goal that left analysts stunned

ALEXR’s shot in minute 34’ of FC Barcelona’s second game against AS Roma was recognized by KONAMI and eFootball.Pro as the best shot of the entire matchday, earning the youngster his first award in the league. The goal put the Blaugrana squad up 2-0 before halftime, giving the team the lead they needed to confidently complete the game at 3-1 and take three points to the leaderboard. The rookie’s award-worthy shot, as well as his first one in Game 1, contributed to Barcelona’s fourth place ranking as they entered Matchday 2.  It was such an impressive shot that commentator Harry Channon immediately remarked: “ALEXR, enjoy your €10,000. We are not going to find a better goal than that on Matchday 1.”

The opportunity presented itself after Roma almost successfully cleared the ball from their side of the field, only to be stopped by Barcelona captain, THE PALMA, who passed the ball back towards the Italian goal in hopes of another shot. ALEXR was on the receiving end of the pass in the penalty area, where he expertly evaded RoksaCzv22’s attempt of taking back the ball by executing skilled footwork later to be described by host, Adam Butcher, as “one of the greatest displays of skill eFootball.Pro has seen.” He then was free to deliver the ball into the right corner of the goal and increase FC Barcelona’s score by another goal. Channon praised the gameplay: “An incredible turn. To turn the defender inside, the little roulette, and then the finish. This is what I expected to see out of FC Barcelona, a team built around flare, around dribbling like this.” 

Harry Channon: “I’m so excited to see more of ALEXR in the coming matchdays. That young man has set this stage on fire.”

The eFootball.Pro analysts continued to rave over the rookie’s skill recalling that before the match they didn’t know much about him besides his birth year, 2004, and that this goal was “all you need to know” and that he possesses “majestic talent” when it comes to PES. They thought so highly of the goal that they announced to fans it potentially “might be one of the best goals we’ll see all season.” 

While ALEXR is the youngest player in the league at sixteen years old, he has already made a name for himself in the competition as a player to look out for in future matches. At the conclusion of the matchday between FC Barcelona and AS Roma, Harry Channon was still praising the rookie’s performance: “I’m so excited to see more of ALEXR in the coming matchdays. That young man has set this stage on fire.” 

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