First half of the season's top assists providers

Take a look at how ALEX GRD, THE PALMA, and Lotfi's assists have helped their clubs' performances

After four Matchdays of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ, two FC Barcelona players lead the top assists providers table, with AS Monaco representatives following them closely. These are the stats of the best three players in this category so far:


The previous Arsenal FC player has proven to be a positive signing for FC Barcelona, topping the league as the most successful assists provider. He performed consistently throughout the past four Matchdays, with two assists in the first and second matchdays, and one in the third. However, he stepped up when it was time for Barcelona to defend their first place position and provided four assists in Matchday 4, majorly contributing to their six point victory that day and helping maintain their top rank. 


The FC Barcelona captain is impressively the only player to rank within the top three positions for two vital statistics (goals and assists) at this point in the Regular Season. He has also been the only player to be awarded an MVP award as well as a best goal award from his performance in the same matchday. His eight assists provided have been relatively spread out throughout the competition to date, with two in Matchdays 1 and 4, one in the second matchday and three in his award winning Matchday 3. THE PALMA’s historic performance has undoubtedly contributed to the success FC Barcelona is experiencing in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ.


The experienced eFootball.Pro IQONIQ participant is tied with THE PALMA with eight assists, the Barcelona captain ranked higher due to number of goals scored, after four matchdays of gameplay. Going into the most recent competition he had four, but was able to double the amount after an exciting fixture between AS Monaco and FC Schalke 04 that eventually led to the Monegasque club taking all six points at the conclusion of the match. These assists clearly contributed to the two wins that brought AS Monaco back up the league table, sitting close to their original position now in second place.

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