ALEX GRD takes home the prize for best goal following gameplay in Matchday 4

The Barcelona team representative added another recognition to the club’s collection of awards so far in the 2020-21 season

ALEX GRD is now the third FC Barcelona representative to be recognized with the best goal award for his shot in Matchday 4 against Manchester United FC. The shot deemed worthy of the €10,000 prize was achieved in minute 6’ in the second game of the competition. It was the first of five goals scored in favor of FC Barcelona, helping create the 2-5 result that ultimately earned the Blaugrana trio six points from the matchup, after they also won the first game 0-2. 

The quick goal began with Barcelona regaining possession from Manchester United FC almost immediately after kickoff. THE PALMA started in the center circle, running up the middle then passing the ball off to ALEXR who was waiting on the left side of the field, in front of the penalty box. He successfully evaded Kams10_’s attempt at defense, then sent the ball back to his team captain who was positioned just in front of the left corner of the goal box. In a quick move, he passed the ball directly in front of the goal, where ALEX GRD had expertly placed himself waiting for the shot. He kicked the ball right past E_C_Oneill’s attempt at goalkeeping, and into the net, earning FC Barcelona their first of five goals in Game 2. 

Harry Channon: "One of the greatest team performances of the season so far"

The successful shot by ALEX GRD was just the beginning of what commentators later recognized as “one of the greatest team performances of the season so far.” eFootball.Pro IQONIQ host Adam Butcher even went as far to question whether or not FC Barcelona could be the future champions of the 2020-21 season after recognizing the incredible gameplay displayed by all three members of the Blaugrana squad. Commentator Harry Channon agreed that it is possible, calling their PES skills “mesmeric.” 

ALEX GRD is joining the company of his teammates as a best goal award winner in the 2020-21 season. ALEXR impressively achieved the feat for his goal in Matchday 1, his debut performance in the league which he made as the youngest participant in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ. Team captain THE PALMA also made history by not only winning the best goal award, but the MVP recognition as well for his iconic performance in Matchday 3. The FC Barcelona trio has entered the current season with a lot to prove, and so far have done just that as they sit at second on the league table with 18 points, only one point behind first placing Arsenal FC. 

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