INDOMINATOR: “We trusted our playing style”

Juventus leaves Matchday 4 disappointed with one point gain as Arsenal advances to third place, and both clubs look ahead to the second half of the Regular Season

Juventus and Arsenal FC captains ETTORITO97 and INDOMINATOR interviewed with commentator Harry Channon about their fixture in Matchday 4, which ended with one tie and one win for the English team. The Gunners brought an impressive four additional points to the league table earning themselves the third place position as Juventus moved to seventh place with only one point added to their total. 

ETTORITO97  admitted: “Of course we’re disappointed about the results because the first match, in my opinion, was going to be three points for us. We missed a lot of chances and they just scored one goal.” He went on to analyze the second game that ended in a loss for the Italian club: “We started bad with one goal down. After, we tried to score more but we received another goal… so we played badly in the second one.”

ETTORITO97: "Maybe we need to find another formation or another style of game."

Harry then pointed out that their next fixture features a matchup with first placing FC Barcelona. The Matchday 2 MVP acknowledged the challenge, stating: “It will be a difficult match, even more than this one, so we need to prepare. We have one month now to prepare for the match. Maybe we need to find another formation or another style of game. We’ll be excited, because they’re first in the league at the moment. We’ll try to win like always.”

Channon then spoke with INDOMINATOR, first inquiring about what changes the English club made to their gameplay to avoid defeat in the first game. Yos explained: “We’re lucky to get four points out of those two games. From our side, we played quite poorly actually, especially offensively, with a lot of sloppy passses, especially in the last third. On the other hand, defensively, I think we defended very well. I have to give my compliments to my teammates.” The captain summed up their success: “That was great work from us… we trusted our playing style. Sometimes you need to score ugly goals to win games, that’s part of football. I’m happy to get four points today.”

Looking towards Matchday 5 where Arsenal FC wil face FC Bayern München, INDOMINATOR analyzed the competition: “They proved themselves last year… they’re not in the greatest form at the moment so we have to make use of it, and try to analyze today’s games and their last three games to create a new game plan. It’s going to be two new games, we both start with 0-0. Anything can happen.”

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