StavAttack: “We’re finally showing who we really are”

RoksaCzv22 expresses disappointment in AS Roma’s Matchday 5 performance as StavAttack congratulates teammates on four point victory

After the only draw of the matchday between AS Roma and Galatasaray SK, and one win for the Turkish club, they are closely ranked on the league table. Galatasaray SK is in 8th place and AS Roma in 7th, only one point away from the closest team ranked within Knockout Stage contention. AS Roma’s RoksaCzv22 and Galatasaray SK’s StavAttack spoke with commentator Harry Channon about the match. 

Harry started off by asking AS Roma’s captain RoksaCzv22 how he felt after only bringing one additional point to the league table. RoksaCzv22 admitted: “In the first game we played very bad. We didn’t deserve anything, even that one point. They scored and they deserved the point. Then in the second game, we had a chance but we missed again on an almost empty net. We didn’t deserve to win that game. We need to think about what to do next time.”

RoksaCzv22: "We need to start believing in our goal, and to improve.”

Roma’s next opponent is set to be Manchester United FC, and Harry asked the Italian club captain how he felt about the upcoming matchday. He explained: “They’re very good. E_C_Oneill is one of the best players in the league. It’ll be tough. We need to change a lot of things. We need to play better in attacking and defense, we need to change almost everything. We need to start believing in our goal, and to improve.”

StavAttack spoke with Harry next following the Turkish club’s impressive four point feat. Discussing their gameplay, he stated: “We’re happy that we’re finally showing who we really are. This is the spirit, this is how we have to continue. The first game was unlucky for us, we conceded a goal where there’s nothing you can do. But we managed to go on, and that’s why I think we could’ve taken three points in the first game. In the second game, it was a crazy game mentally. We showed what we’re made of. We’re very happy, and congrats to my teammates.”

Continuing with the momentum of their success, StavAttack talked about the next matchday against FC Bayern München: “In eFootball.Pro IQONIQ, anything is possible. Who would imagine that the rankings would look like this until now? Bayern is in a low position, and if we beat them and get the points we want, then we’ll have a higher possibility of qualification. Bayern is a very strong team for me… we should concentrate on finding different styles of attacking.”

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