StavAttack: “We took a big risk making a change in the middle of the season”

Celtic FC hopes to achieve more points in the second half of the Regular Season, and Galatasaray SK is confident in the addition of Kruji to their roster

As the third fixture of Matchday 4 came to a close, eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon spoke with umbee96_ of Celtic FC and StavAttack of Galatasaray SK after the Turkish club achieved an impressive four points and the Scottish club only brought one to the league table. The results reversed the positions of the two clubs once again, with Galatasaray back in 9th place and Celtic FC at the foot of the league table. 

The eFootball.Pro IQONIQ rookie umbee96_ was first to speak with Channon about Celtic FC’s performance. After only securing one point of a potential six, Harry anticipated disappointment from the Scottish club representatives. Confirming this, umbee96_ stated: “Of course. In the second game, maybe we deserved more, but this is the game. This is football. Now it’s time to train to be better. We must be better, because we need points and we need more wins.”

umbee96_: "In the second game, maybe we deserved more, but this is the game. This is football."

Heading into the second half of the Regular Season, Celtic FC and FC Schalke 04 are set to face off in Matchday 5. Commenting on the upcoming match, umbee96_ said: “There are no easy matches in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ, because all of the players are strong and the teams train a lot. Schalke is a really good team, so we’ll see. We must be better.”

Channon then spoke with Galatasaray SK’s StavAttack after the Turkish club earned four points for their first time in the league. Stavros immediately addressed adding Kruji to their roster: “We took a big risk making a change in the middle of the season, a mentality change to have Alex with us. We earned what we deserved. I think we could’ve taken the second game, but this is football… I don’t care what the opposition misses. I care about my chances and my team’s chances, and I think we were unlucky with the crossbars.”

Harry then inquired about the next matchday, where Galatasaray SK will face the other new team to the league this season, AS Roma. StavAttack acknowledged: “They also added a new player, Aca, so we don’t know. Each player has his own play style and gameplay mentality, so we’ll train. We’ll train with different opponents to see, also for us also which team it’s gonna be. We’ll try to figure out the best team in order to take what we can. Now we have a fourth player who is so good. I really appreciate that he’s on our team and he just showed everyone that sometimes age is just a number and experience comes with every single game.”

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