StavAttack: “We needed more, we want more, and we deserve more”

Arsenal FC and Galatasaray SK both hoped for the majority of points, but earned an even three each by the conclusion on Matchday 7

The fourth matchup of the day featured gameplay between Arsenal FC and Galatasaray SK, teams that entered Matchday 7 on opposite ends of the league table. The competition resulted in one win for each club, with a 2-1 win for Galatasaray SK in Game 1 and a 2-3 result for Arsenal FC in Game 2. INDOMINATOR and StavAttack were interviewed by eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon about the results. 

Speculating that the Gunners expected more than three points at the day’s conclusion, Channon questioned what may have gone wrong for Arsenal FC. The team captain analyzed: “In the first game, I think we weren’t as clinical as we usually are. I think we made a few wrong decisions. The first goal was very expected. We were dominating and controlling the game from the beginning. We thought that we were stronger, but they managed to get an opportunity. We have to work harder.” On a more positive note, he continued: “In the second game, we moved on with the same pressure. We knew we were better than them and we showed it in the second game. From a defense point of view, we still need to improve a lot, especially with selecting the right defenders.”

INDOMINATOR: "We should be able to beat any team if we’re clinical and have more composure.”

As Arsenal FC gets ready for their next opponents, Channon asked how they will prepare for AS Roma. INDOMINATOR explained: “There will be a lot of pressure for them. We have to make use of that, and make use of our luxury position. We need to come with a game plan that will nullify their attack. We know how they play most of the time, but it’s still tricky because we don’t know who’s going to play. We need to adapt when we’re playing against them and trust in our gamestyle, we should be able to beat any team if we’re clinical and have more composure.”

StavAttack spoke with Harry next about the three point gain. He stated: “We needed more, we want more, we deserve more. Anyone who understands PES understands the goals we conceded. I think in the first game we were good, dominant, and we knew what we could do. In the second, it was out of our strengths. We tried to do the best we could, and we managed to score two goals, but sometimes it’s not your decision. We defended well, but we conceded goals.”

He then analyzed their upcoming competition, AS Monaco, claiming: “My teammates were born for these tough situations. I was too, I don’t like easy stuff. I’m looking forward to the games. I’m not afraid of Lotfi, Kilzyou, or Usmakabyle. I only care about our team being 100% focused on our goal.”

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