YIOU: “We played better the first game, but in the second they were very efficient”

Both Boavista FC and AS Monaco expressed their disappointment with the final match result

Boavista FC surprised with its performance in the first game. They almost got three points, but a goal by ASM Kilzyou in the 82’ set a draw in the scoreboard. YIOU talked about it after the match: “We are a little bit disappointed because we think we played better in the first game and we were unlucky in that corner, but it’s the game.” The second part of the day, however, showed the AS Monaco that everyone was expecting. “In the second game, they were very efficient”, he explained.

When asked about how to prepare the next match against Juventus, a tough rival also, YIOU expressed his confidence in their style: “The same way we prepare every game. We are going to look to that match to win the two games, and do our best.”

On their side, AS Monaco wasn’t happy with the final result either. ASM Lotfi answered Harry Channon when he asked him if they were disappointed: “Yes, we were here to get six points. Finally it’s four. It’s not so bad, but our target was six, so a little bit disappointed.”

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