S-Venom: “It was important to come back with this massive performance”

Manchester United FC and AS Roma entered the sixth matchday critically ranked next to each other on the league table, with Manchester in 6th and Roma in 7th, separated by only one point. In the games that also featured the return of S-Venom representing the Italian club, Manchester United FC only took one point to the league table after achieving a draw in Game 1, and victory going to AS Roma in Game 2. This outcome ended up flipping the clubs’ positions, bringing AS Roma up to a Knockout Stage qualifying 6th place, and sending Manchester United FC to 7th.  E_C_Oneill and S-Venom spoke with eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon after the gameplay concluded. 

Harry asked E_C_Oneill how he felt after only bringing one point to Manchester United’s position in the rankings. The club captain admitted: “We’re very disappointed, and very frustrated as well. We had to score, and we had many chances. We should’ve won the second game. We didn’t make the right decisions upfront, we didn’t listen to coaching, and we ended up playing against ourselves instead of Roma. It got them the points, and it cost us.”

E_C_Oneill: "We ended up playing against ourselves instead of Roma. It got them the points, and it cost us.”

Looking towards the competition of Matchday 7, Harry asked how the club felt about their next opponents, FC Schalke 04. E_C_Oneill analyzed: “I don’t think it’s about changing tactics, it’s just about talking to ourselves. What happened today can’t happen anymore. We need to listen to coaching and we have to work to make the right decisions.” He concluded: “The focus of our work over the next two weeks should be on ourselves, not Schalke.”

On a more positive note, Channon then interviewed S-Venom. The returning AS Roma player started off: “We’re happy with the four points. We wanted six points actually, because we performed well in my opinion. It was important to come back with this massive performance after the last matchday, where we obtained less points than we wanted. We’re happy, and we’ll keep working.”

AS Roma’s next fixture features a competition against Celtic FC. Harry asked how Roma felt about their upcoming opponents, and S-Venom explained: “They have a similar playstyle to us, so it’ll be a tough matchday, as every one is. All ten teams in the league are top level.” He also noted that, although they were unsure which three players would be participating in Matchday 7, he was confident in the result because they are all skilled PES players.

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