RoksaCzv22: “We’re happy because we finally won in the second game”

FC Bayern München expresses disappointment in not taking majority of points following their match against AS Roma, which ended in a win for each team

Following an exciting kickoff to Matchday 4, eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon spoke with team representatives of both FC Bayern München and AS Roma following the exciting two games that resulted in both clubs walking away with one win each and three points added to the league table

Alex Alguacil of FC Bayern München was the first to speak with Channon about his feelings after the match concluded. Alguacil started off: “Three points are never enough for us. By winning the first game, we approached our chances positively and we were looking at the second game to take more points. We didn’t expect the second goal, and it changed our plans.” He continued: “We’re working to be back at our level, and Roma is a good team, but we could’ve done a bit better. That’s why we have to stay focused and work harder, to take more points in the next matchdays.” The German club representative also complimented his opponents gameplay, noting their impressive performance in the second game. 

Alex Alguacil: "We have to stay focused and work harder, to take more points in the next matchdays."

Channon then moved the focus towards the future competition, inquiring about FC Bayern München’s upcoming matchup against Arsenal FC. Alex acknowledged the favorable dynamics within the Gunner’s roster: “They’re a really good team. INDOMINATOR especially is really intelligent. Pedro is a great player as well, and Yan knows his brother perfectly, so it’ll be a tough team.” Maintaining his optimism, he concluded: “We’ll take a look at how to defeat their game style, and we’ll keep pushing and we hope to bring more points to the table.”

AS Roma captain and current top defensive player, RoksaCzv22, was interviewed next about the match. He claimed: “We’re happy because we finally won in the second game. In the first game we played very well, we deserved more than that loss, but we didn’t score the goals.” After pointing out the curious fact that the Italian club had been unable to achieve a victory in the second half of their competitions up until Matchday 4, he praised his team: “In the second game, the winner deserved the win.” The Serbian player also spoke highly of the newest addition to AS Roma, Aca: “He played very well… We have the same style, he plays the same as me and KEPA. We know what we can expect from him. In the second game, I think he was the best.”

Looking towards Matchday 5, where AS Roma is set to face the other new club of the 2020-21 eFootball.Pro IQONIQ season, Galatasaray SK, RoksaCzv22 was asked about his expectations for the match. While he mentioned that AS Roma had already faced the clubs anticipated as the “favorites” of the season, he still noted: “I think they’ll be tough opponents for all teams. I expect a tough game and we need to prepare. We’ll play the same, and we’ll try not to concede.” 

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