PREVIEW: eFootball.Pro returns with new additions, player changes, and highly anticipated matches to kick off the first matchday

Take a closer look at the matchups of eFootball.Pro’s first matchday this season and what they could mean for the league table moving forward

As eFootball.Pro heads into its third official season, kicking off on Saturday, December 12th at 13:00 CET, take a look at the fixtures for the first competition, and which players the clubs have chosen as their representatives. The eight returning clubs include, FC Barcelona, Manchester United FC, FC Bayern München, Juventus, Arsenal FC, Celtic FC, FC Schalke 04, and AS Monaco, with AS Roma and Galatasaray SK as the two new additions

FC Bayern München vs Juventus

For the first match of the 2020-21 season, eFootball.Pro Cup champions FC Bayern München will face Juventus. Both teams will be featuring identical rosters as last season, with Alex Alguacil, JOSE, and MESTRE representing the German club, and ETTORITO97, IL DISTRUTTORE44, and LoScandalo playing for the Italian opponent. The two clubs faced each other in the fifth matchday of the 2019-20 season, which resulted in a tie in Game 1, and then a win for Bayern in Game 2. They ended last season closely ranked with FC Bayern München in second, and Juventus in third. The competitors faced each other most recently in the Semifinals of the eFootball.Pro Cup, where skilled gameplay on both sides forced a tie-breaker game, which advanced FC Bayern München to the Final, where they would eventually earn the championship title. The competition begins with one of the most intense matchups of the season, starting with the very first game as two of the most highly regarded teams, and their well-awarded players, face each other for kickoff. 

Celtic FC vs AS Monaco

To continue with the competition, AS Monaco will be returning with their same roster of Kilzyou, Lotfi, and Usmakabyle, while Celtic FC features a new lineup including Jorcha from last season, as well as umbee96_ and PataNegra7 who are both first-time players in eFootball.Pro. The Scottish squad faced the Monegasque league leaders in Matchday 4 of the 2019-20 competition, which resulted in two tied games. With two players making league debuts on their squad, Celtic FC is one of the most unknown clubs entering this season. These two eFootball.Pro newcomers will be put to the test against one of the most feared, and previously first ranking, teams.

Arsenal FC vs FC Schalke 04

The third matchup of the Matchday 1 will feature Arsenal FC and FC Schalke 04. While Arsenal is a returning team to the competition, they are debuting an entirely different squad of barboza, who was captain of Boavista FC last season, and brothers INDOMINATOR and INDOJAWA who were previously representing Celtic FC. The German competitors will be showcasing two familiar faces, EL_Matador, and MeroMen, alongside Urma, who is making his eFootball.Pro debut. The most recent matchup between the two clubs was in the fifth matchday of last season, where the English squad earned 4 points after a tie and a win against their German competitors. Both teams feature a familiar duo, with a new addition to complete the team. This matchup will be the first glimpse at how these new teammates compete alongside each other. 

Manchester United FC vs Galatasaray SK

Manchester United FC will be the first team to face Galatasaray SK as they make their debut in eFootball.Pro. Not only is this the first time competing for Galatasaray SK as a club, but also for their entire lineup. Djibrilliant, Mucahit21, and StavAttack are all first time players, making this upcoming competition largely unknown and difficult to predict. Manchester United FC, however, will be entering the season with E_C_Oneill, Kams10_, and Ostrybuch, who all represented the English squad last season. The Turkish squad will have the chance to prove their place in the competition facing well practiced and experienced Manchester United FC and their repeating roster. 

FC Barcelona vs AS Roma

FC Barcelona is returning to the competition for their third year in a row, with THE PALMA representing the Blaugrana team for a second season, ALEX GRD, who played for Arsenal FC in 2019-20, and ALEX R, who is not only one of the newest players to the competition, but also the youngest. AS Roma has chosen KEPA and RoksaCzv22, who played for FC Nantes last season, and S-Venom, a previous Arsenal FC player, to represent them in their eFootball.Pro debut. This is the only matchup of the day where teammates from last season, ALEX GRD and S-Venom, will now be facing off on opposite sides of the field. Although almost all players in this matchup are returning to eFootball.Pro, with the exception of youngster ALEX R, spectators have yet to see these competitors paired as teammates, giving both clubs the opportunity to show off the skills in their new rosters. 

To catch the excitement of this season’s debut, stream Matchday 1 live on YouTube on Saturday, December 12th!

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