PREVIEW: eFootball.Pro IQONIQ moves into second half of Regular Season

Matchday 5 will begin to show which clubs are likely to qualify for the Knockout Stage, and which will fall below the necessary ranks in the league table

The fifth matchday of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ is set to broadcast live on Saturday, March 13th. FC Barcelona remains at the top of the league rankings, as the middle positions leave Knockout Stage contention possible for many teams.   

FC Barcelona vs. Juventus

FC Barcelona and Juventus haven’t faced each other since the kickoff of the 2019-20 season, which resulted in a draw in the first game and a win for the Blaugrana club in the second. Juventus features the same roster, however captain THE PALMA is the only returning Barça player, alongside ALEX GRD and ALEXR. ALEX GRD, formerly with Arsenal FC, competed against the Italian club in Day 1 of the eFootball.Pro Cup where they defeated the English club 0-4. With Juventus currently in 7th place and FC Barcelona leading the league, it would be impossible for the Turin based club to break into the first position regardless of the match turnout, however achieving a Knockout Stage qualifying spot is within their reach. Barcelona has dominated the league, with THE PALMA leading in goals and ALEX GRD with assists, and Juventus has ETTORITO97 as the third best defensive player.

FC Bayern München vs. Arsenal FC

Although FC Bayern München and Arsenal FC hadn’t faced off in the 2019-20 season of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ, when both teams made their league debuts, this matchup will be entirely different regardless due to Arsenal FC’s new look this season. While Bayern is showcasing the same squad that led them to the eFootball.Pro Cup championship title, Arsenal has all new players on their roster this season. The English club is sitting in 3rd place and the German team is in 8th, requiring FC Bayern München to achieve at least one victory and one draw to reach their opponents on the league table. In order to keep the hope of attaining a Knockout Stage qualifying position, Bayern needs at least two points by the matchday’s conclusion as well as favorable results in the other fixtures of the day. English club captain INDOMINATOR is leading the league in passes (451), passes made (338), and dribbles (376). Bayern’s Alex Alguacil has stood out amongst the competition as well by tying for the most key passes (11). 

Manchester United FC vs. AS Monaco

Of all the Matchday 5 fixtures, this is the only one that will showcase two clubs with the same lineups as they had in the 2019-20 season. However, this will be the first time the two trios have faced off in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ. Kilzyou of AS Monaco and Kams10_ of Manchester United FC were PES League European champions of 2019 and now will play against each other in Matchday 5. Kilzyou is also entering the competition as the leading scorer in the league, with eleven goals. As a team, AS Monaco has provided the most assists so far this season (19) with eight by Lotfi and seven by Usmakabyle, and also has had the most of their shots on target (40). Both clubs will begin the fifth matchday of the season positioned in ranks to qualify for the Knockout Stage, and hope to maintain these spots as they advance. 

FC Schalke 04 vs. Celtic FC

The last time FC Schalke 04 and Celtic FC competed against each other was in the debut matchday of the 2019-20 season, which resulted in two wins for the German club, both 1-0. This may not be an indicator of the upcoming gameplay, however, as FC Schalke 04 has one new player, Urma, and Celtic FC is returning with Jorcha and two new additions, umbee96_ and PataNegra7. Celtic FC is entering the match in 10th place with six points and the German club is in 4th place with 12 points. With the current standings as Matchday 5 commences, Celtic FC would have to win both games against FC Schalke 04 in order to reach their competition on the league table. Scottish squad captain Jorcha has left an impression on fans with his skillful gameplay leaving him ranked fourth overall for best defensive player. Rookie umbee96_ is tied for best defensive positioning, making him one of only two first season players to achieve a top position in league statistics. 

AS Roma vs. Galatasaray SK

As both clubs are new to eFootball.Pro IQONIQ this season, this fixture is the first time fans will witness the Italian and Turkish clubs face off against each other. While both clubs are new, there are a couple familiar faces, as RoksaCzv22 and KEPA played in the league previously for FC Nantes. This will be the second matchday for Galatasaray SK’s Kruji and AS Roma’s Aca, after both players made their debut in Matchday 4 resulting in a goal for Aca and assist from Kruji. Galatasaray SK is currently ranked in 9th place, tied with Celtic FC at six points while the Italian squad is placed 5th, in position to advance to the Knockout Stage at this point in the season with 12 points. This matchup will feature the top two defensive players, the only two who have been able to break past the 7,000 point position so far in the competition, RoksaCzv22 (7,317 points) and Mucahit21 (7,049 points). Mucahit21 is also ranked first in proactive defense, making him one of two rookies to rank first in a league statistic. As the league stands, Galatasaray SK must win both games to reach AS Roma.

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