Newest players’ performances of the 2020-21 season

Check out how the rookies of the most recent season competed amongst their teammates and opponents in eFootball.Pro

The most recent season of eFootball.Pro featured ten first time players in the league. They represented five of the ten total clubs in the 2020-21 season, including FC Barcelona, AS Roma, Celtic FC, FC Schalke 04, and Galatasaray SK. 


Aca didn’t make his eFootball.Pro debut until Matchday 4, and then participated in the following matchday as well. He scored one goal in each of the competitions he played in. Aca was one of three Serbian players to represent AS Roma in the league, alongside KEPA and captain RoksaCzv22.


The only rookie on the FC Barcelona roster was the youngest player in the eFootball.Pro 2020-21 season. He played in all matchdays as well as the Knockout Stage, and managed to earn the best goal award of the very first matchday he played in. He was also tied for fourth highest number of goals scored throughout the Regular Season (13). 


Being one of two Greek players in the 2020-21 edition of eFootball.Pro, Djibrilliant was one of the first participants in league history to be from Greece. He only played in the first three matchdays on behalf of Galatasaray SK, scoring his first goal in the second. It was during this same matchday that he provided both of his assists that he accomplished in the competition.


The rookie Italian player didn’t enter the league until Matchday 5, competing on behalf of Celtic FC. He represented the Scottish squad for four consecutive matchdays, scoring two goals in each of his first three matches  and a final seventh successful shot of the season in Matchday 8. This last goal of the season also earned him the best goal award of the day. 


Kruji entered the season on Matchday 4, when Galatasaray SK earned their first victory of the season against their opponents, Celtic FC. Throughout his eFootball career that took place throughout six matchdays, he scored six goals and provided two assists, all contributing to the Turkish club’s debut season in eFootball.Pro.

The most recent season of eFootball.Pro featured ten first time players in the league. 


Although Mucahit21 entered the 2020-21 season as a rookie and representing a first-time club, he made a name for himself in the competition by earning the Top Defensive Player award at the conclusion of the Regular Season, with his 16,138 points earning him the €30,00 prize. He also scored four goals and provided eight assists in his first edition of the competition. 


PataNegra7 participated in all but three matchdays throughout the 2020-21 season. Notably, he was the oldest player to compete on the virtual pitch this year. His first goal of the season was in Game 1 of Matchday 3, which ended up creating a lead that ultimately led to a win for his team. He then also doubled his amount of goals scored with a second shot that equalized the following game. 


Being the only other Greek player in the league alongside his teammate, Djibrilliant, StavAttack competed in every matchday of the Regular Season on behalf of his club, Galatasaray SK. He was the only Turkish club representative to break past the ten goal mark, achieving eleven by the end of the ninth matchday, while also providing five assists.


He wore the Celtic jersey in all but one matchday throughout the last season, only not playing in the eighth matchday. ubmee96_ successfully put five goals on the scoreboard for the Scottish squad in the 2020-21 season, and he provided seven assists with three of them alone being accomplished in the fifth matchday.


Urma is the first player from Romania in league history, representing FC Schalke 04 in his eFootall.Pro debut. He competed alongside two veteran players that had worn the German club’s jersey since the league’s inception, EL_Matador and MeroMen, scoring eleven goals overall and providing four assists over the nine Regular Season matchdays. 

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