MeroMen: “If we lose together, and stay up together, we’ll always play better”

As FC Schalke 04 enjoys their victories of Matchday 3, Galatasaray SK looks to move past mental barriers that could be affecting their gameplay

Players from Galatasaray SK and FC Schalke 04 spoke with eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator, Harry Channon, about their performances in Matchday 3 that resulted in all six points going to the German club following the 2-0 and 3-2 victories against their Turkish opponents. 

StavAttack spoke first with Harry about the results of the matchday: “The games were difficult, but I think we made them difficult. It wasn’t about our opponents, it was about us. I don’t know what happened today. I’ll have to start talking with my teammates to figure out our offense…. It was all about mistakes in our offense. When you lose the ball in the offense, it’s very easy to concede a counter attack.” He included: “We must show the world what we’re doing in training. In training, we play beautiful football… and now we can’t show it. I think in these two weeks we have to figure it out in order to get points and get a chance at the first six places.”

StavAttack: "The only thing we have to do is get all of the anxiety out of the official matchdays and bring the skill."

When asked about their upcoming fixture against Celtic FC, StavAttack explained: “There is no easy game, to say this will be the game where you can take points. We’ll try to get everything we can from every single matchday.” He also added that part of their difficulties may be mental: “I think we’re capable of so much better. The only thing we have to do is get all of the anxiety out of the official matchdays and bring the skill. It’s time to bring the skill and be better.” Stavros continued with his honest assessment: “By the time you make one win, then winning is going to be a habit. We have to make it a habit, and not having it in the back of our head that there isn’t a possibility to win. It is a possibility to win, to play like we know, and not like this that we’ve been showing the world.”

Channon then spoke with FC Schalke 04 team captain, MeroMen, congratulating him on the club’s “tremendous results.” The German player analyzed: “Our formation was perfect for Galatasaray… we played so well and our technique was perfect. We practiced very hard for today and at the end we deserved to win.” Comparing the successful gameplay of this season to last season’s less favorable results, Harry asked what had changed for the German club to reach this achievement. MeroMen explained: “Our mentality has definitely changed with Urma, this year we are a team. If we lose together, and stay up together, we’ll always play better. We’re in the top two, but we want to go to the top six at the end.”

Finally, looking towards their match with AS Monaco, he stated: “For Matchday 4, we know Monaco is angry, they had an off day today and we know they want six points against us. So we’ll have to practice hard to steal points from Monaco. We know they’re the best team in the league, and it’ll be a very difficult matchday for us, but we want to steal some points.” 

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