Jorcha is recognized with the best goal award for his shot in Matchday 5

The Celtic FC captain earned the €10,000 prize for his shot that led the Scottish club to victory in Game 1

Jorcha’s best goal award for his shot during the March 13th competition marks the first award for Celtic FC in the 2020-21 season of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ. The €10,000 prize recognized his gameplay in minute 81’ of the first game against FC Schalke 04. This contributed to Celtic FC’s win in their first game against FC Schalke 04 which ended in a 2-4 result and helped the Scottish club take three points back to the league table following Matchday 5.

This late-game shot came just a minute after FC Schalke 04’s Urma attempted to bring the German club closer to an equalizer. Jorcha created the 2-4 lead for his club that remained for the rest of the competition. This aided in one of the two victories that Celtic FC had accomplished up until that moment in the 2020-21 season. The goal began with umbee96_ successfully evading the German club’s attempt at gaining possession of the ball, then sending it to Jorcha who was waiting on the left in front of the center circle. He then dribbled up the field and moved the ball to Gagliardo27, who executed an expert heel pass backwards to umee96_ inside the penalty area in front of the penalty arc. The rookie passed the ball right in between Schalke defenders MeroMen and EL_Matador, which was received by Jorcha once again. It was from inside the penalty area that the goal was scored by the Scottish club captain. 

This recognition, and the victory that came along with the shot, were much needed for Celtic FC as the commentators praised them for being a team that “isn’t looking backwards, only looking forward.” They were described as the “worthy winners” of the game, and commentator Harry Channon noted that although Celtic was at the bottom of the league table at the beginning of the matchday, the gameplay displayed showed just how high the level of PES skills is possessed by all eFootball.Pro IQONIQ players.

This isn’t the Scottish club captain’s first time being recognized in the league, as he was previously awarded as the Most Valuable Player of the fifth matchday of the 2019-20 season, the last matchday held before the season was postponed indefinitely. Jorcha is currently ranked as the 7th best defensive player in the league with 9,428 points. He also ranked among the top five players CO-OP points for the fourth matchday, in 3rd with 3,578 points. After the award-worthy goal of Matchday 5, Celtic FC managed to escape the last place ranking that they had previously occupied, rising to 9th place on the league table where they continue to remain after Matchday 6.

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