JOSE: “Every game for us is a Final”

Galatasaray SK hopes to regain momentum as FC Bayern München maintains hope for a qualifying position by the end of the Regular Season

The third matchup of Matchday 6 showcased the competition between Galatasaray SK and FC Bayern München. Both clubs had hopes of making their way up the league table into a top six position. By the end of the day, the clubs switched rankings, with Galatasaray SK currently in tenth place after earning only one point, and FC Bayern München in 8th following their four point gain. Mucahit21 of Galatasaray SK and JOSE of FC Bayern München spoke with Harry Channon about the two games. 

Channon first spoke with Mucahit21 about the matchday, asking how the Turkish club felt about the competition. He began: “In the first game, we wanted to start off a bit safe, because it was a crucial game for both clubs. Maybe it was our mistake in the first game, because we didn’t even shoot. We finished the game with zero shots.” Looking at the next game, he continued: “In the second game, we needed to take a risk. We played better but we were a bit unlucky.” Mucahit21 admitted: “We expected better, we were performing really well in training. Unfortunately, we didn’t show our best.”

Mucahit21: "We expected better, we were performing really well in training."

Noting that Galatasaray SK’s next match is against first placing Arsenal FC, Channon asked how they felt about their league topping opponents. Mucahit21 admitted: “They’re having a fantastic season. They have a unique game style, so it’s hard to defend against them, but we have a strong defense. We've played them in training sessions, so we know what we can do.”

FC Bayern München’s captain JOSE was interviewed next by Harry, questioning Bayern’s feelings on the four point addition to the league table. He explained: “We’re fighting for six points every matchday now. It’s what we need. At least four keep us in the battle, everything is possible. Numbers are still on our side, we have two weeks now to improve. Luck isn’t with us at the moment, but we’re going to fight every game to reach top six. It’s our main objective.”

Channon then asked about Bayern’s upcoming match against FC Barcelona. JOSE told the commentator: “Every game for us is a Final. Now, we’re going to face maybe the best player in the league this season, THE PALMA of Barcelona. They’ve been doing amazing this season. We know how they play, and they know how we play. It’ll be an amazing show for everyone watching. Top six is on our mind every day and every matchday.” 

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