INDOMINATOR: “We have to be happy with the two points against the reigning champions”

Celtic FC and AS Monaco drawn both games on Matchday 4. INDOMINATOR and ASM Lotfi talked about the match

The match facing Celtic FC and AS Monaco ended with 2-2 and 1-1 results in the two games. It was an unexpected result having in mind the outcomes of the previous matchdays and Monaco starting the day with 5 wins, 1 draw and no losses in 6 games. 

INDOMINATOR showed his enthusiasm with the result, although it wasn’t all perfect to him: “These were two tough games. We are happy with the two points but it could have been a win for us in at least one of the two games. Looking at the complete matchday, we have to be happy with the two points against the reigning champions and the current leaders of the table.”

Celtic FC captain talked about their gameplan: “Since the beginning of this league, we started playing with 5 at the back. It helps us build up easily from the back. And that’s how we like to play, to have options from the back and slowly moving forwards. And also on the defending side, we have more certainty having 5 at the back. It’s for two reasons and today, even though we conceded a few goals, it was quite solid actually".

Finally, the Dutch player talked about their next match against Boavista FC: “We have seen them playing today against FC Bayern München. They got three points, which is a very good result. They way they are playing, it’s quite similar to ours. They played with 5 at the back today. We will work the next two weeks to think about a good game plan to face them.”

ASM Lotfi was briefer, showing his disappointment with the result of the match. After winning 16 points out of 18 possible in three matchdays, getting 2 out of the 6 on February 8th wasn’t enough for AS Monaco. “We are very disappointed. We wanted six points today and we have only two. It’s a bad result and we have to work more for the next days”, Lotfi said.

Harry Channon asked ASM Lotfi about their next match against FC Barcelona. He answered: “They are a very good team. We have to play better than today to get a good result.” 

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