Highlights of the day: Matchday 7

Relive the best moments of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ’s seventh matchday of the 2020-21 season

FC Barcelona (1-2 / 1-1) FC Bayern München

The seventh matchday of the 2020-21 season commenced with an goal almost immediately following kickoff, scored by FC Bayern München captain JOSE in minute 4’. The German club increased their lead with a second shot, this time achieved by Alex Alguacil in minute 10’. ALEXR of FC Barcelona brought his club closer to an equalizer with his shot in minute 72’, but was unable to reach the feat by the end of the game. 

Blaugrana team representative ALEX GRD put Barcelona in the lead in minute 47’ of Game 2, however JOSE scored his second goal of the day for FC Bayern München in minute 69’ to even out the result, where it remained until the game concluded. The results kept the German trio in the 8th place position they occupied prior to the day’s gameplay, and brought FC Barcelona down from 5th place to 6th. 

Manchester United FC (3-2 / 0-0) FC Schalke 04

MeroMen kicked off the second matchup of the day with his first successful shot in minute 3’. This was countered by E_C_Oneill’s in minute 15’, and then Ostrybuch managed to bring the English squad ahead in minute 39’. Schalke captain MeroMen balanced the result in minute 81’, however the youngster Ostrybuch guaranteed Manchester United the victory with a late goal in minute 93’.

The second game featured the first scoreless competition of the league so far in the 2020-21 season. As a result, Manchester United FC remained in their 7th place spot that they had upon entering Matchday 7, and FC Schalke 04 dropped from 3rd place to 4th, still positioned within Knockout Stage contention.  

AS Roma (2-2 / 2-1) Celtic FC

The first game of the matchup between AS Roma and Celtic FC began with a goal by the Scottish club captain Jorcha in minute 14’. Gagliardo28 followed the shot up with another of his own in minute 23’, increasing Celtic’s lead. KEPA saved AS Roma from a loss with back-to-back goals in minutes 26’ and 50’, creating a tied score for the rest of Game 1. 

Gagliardo28 stunned fans and the eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentators with his first goal of Game 2 in minute 23’. However, the lead didn’t last as KEPA achieved another back-to-back feat in minutes 52’ and 82’. The performance landed the Scottish club in last place on the league table, and allowed AS Roma to advance one position from 6th place to 5th.

Galatasaray SK (2-1 / 2-3) Arsenal FC

A penalty kick for Galatasaray SK provided the Turkish club with their first goal of game one, made by StavAttack in minute 29’. INDOMINATOR brought the score to a tie ten minutes later, but the draw didn’t last as one of the newest additions to the season, Kruji, guaranteed a win for his club in minute 76’.

The Arsenal captain scored his second goal of the day in minute 43’, which was followed by his teammate barboza’s in minute 50’. Kruji scored his second goal of the day in minute 64’, which was quickly followed by barboza’s second less than five minutes after. While StavAttack’s shot in minute 83’ was the final of the game, it wasn’t enough to secure a win for Galatasaray SK. This gameplay maintained Arsenal FC’s first place position and brought the Turkish team out of last place and into 9th. 

Juventus (1-3 / 3-1) AS Monaco

After a quiet first half of Game 1, Kilzyou granted AS Monaco the lead in minute 64’. Juventus captain ETTORITO97 equalized the score in minute 70’, however Kilzyou went on to achieve a hat trick and a win for AS Monaco as a result of his shots in minutes 73’ and 82’.

LoScandalo joined the action and scored an early goal in minute 15’. Kilzyou managed his fourth and final shot of the day in minute 18’ creating a tied score that lasted until minute 66’ when ETTORITO97 brought Juventus ahead. LoScandalo guaranteed the final three points of the day for the Italian squad in minute 88’. The results brought the two clubs even closer together on the league table, with AS Monaco in 2nd and Juventus now in 3rd place.

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