Get to know the World Finals participants

Meet the 24 players that will battle it out for the eFootball.Open World Finals title on the six platforms

The eFootball.Open World Finals will stream on Sunday, July 18th at 12:00 UTC. Four players have qualified for each of the six platforms in the competition: PS4 JP, PS4 AS, PS4 EU, PS4 US, XB1, and STEAM. 

PlayStation4 Japan

Tess (Manchester United) is 18 years old and most recently reached the 2020 Regional Finals of eFootball.Open. He plans to win the championship with the goal of becoming a professional player. Kams10_ of Manchester United is the player he looks up to most in eFootball.Pro. 

Leva (Manchester United) is 20 years old and has played in PES competitions in Japan and Indonesia. He also participated in the eFootball.Open 2020 Regional Finals. His idol is ETTORITO97, however his favorite club in the league is FC Bayern München

Ebipool (AS Roma) is 29 years old and also reached the eFootball.Open 2020 Regional Finals last year, with hopes of becoming the world’s best PES player. He claims that FC Barcelona is his favorite team in eFootball.Pro, with the Blaugrana captain THE PALMA being his favorite competitor. 

Takaki (Manchester United) is 23 years old and has experience competing in PES2019 and PES2020 tournaments in Japan. Among the players he looks up to most in eFootball.Pro are Usmakabyle, INDOMINATOR, and THE PALMA, and his favorite teams are Arsenal FC and FC Bayern München. 

PlayStation4 Asia

aji_battle208 (Manchester United) is 23 years old and was most recently a player in e-League Thailand, but has aspirations of joining the elite competitors of eFootball.Pro. He has experience playing in PES competitions in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia. 

ZEUS_ELUL (Juventus) is 28 years old and was most recently in the eFootball.Open Regional Finals 2020. He has noted that his top club is Juventus, who he hopes to represent one day in eFootball.Pro. 

ZEUS_Faidan (AS Roma) is 18 years old and reached the PES League World Finals in 2019, now with dreams of becoming the World Champion. He admires ETTORITO97 most, with the captain’s team Juventus being his favorite team. 

ZEUS_ELGA (Juventus) is 23 years old and made an appearance in the eFootball.Open 2020 World Finals as well, representing Boavista FC. He looks up to Juventus, and the club’s captain, ETTORITO97, specifically. 

PlayStation4 Europe

komario14 (Manchester United) is 28 years old and a member of the Russian National Interactive football team. He most recently won the Cyberleague of Russia in 2020. His favorite player in the professional competition is Arsenal FC captain INDOMINATOR. 

uae1-thebest (Juventus) is 21 years old and represented UAE in the IESF World Championship. He has hopes of playing PES professionally and showing people in the Middle East the excitement of esports. 

oreld123 (Manchester United) is 18 years old and a 2x Israeli champion, also qualifying for the eEURO Finals twice. He noted Juventus as his top team in the league, and his favorite player is AS Roma captain RoksaCzv22


bestia091119933 (Juventus) is 27 years old and most recently had the opportunity to represent Atalanta in the eSerie A 2021. His favorite player in eFootball.Pro is reigning champion Juventus’ ETTORITO97’, and says his favorite moment of the season was when the Italian club emerged from the Final victorious. 


PlayStation4 Americas

MelianTheKing (Arsenal FC) is 19 years old and played in the World Finals last year on the XB1 platform, concluding the competition as the runner-up. While ETTORITO97 is his favorite professional player, his dream is to wear the jersey of his favorite club, Arsenal FC, in eFootball.Pro. 

Rey Molina (FC Bayern München) is 28 years old and reached the PES League World Finals in 2016, most recently playing in the 2020 Regional Finals of eFootball.Open on the PS4 Americas platform. He currently plays for the Independiente team in Argentine, but aspires to play professionally in Europe. FC Schalke 04 is his top club, and Alex Alguacil is his favorite player. 

LeoM1T0 (Arsenal FC) is 24 years old and participated in the Finals of 2020 on the PS4 Americas platform, placing 4th. He admires the Gunners’ captain, INDOMINATOR, because Arsenal FC is his favorite team. 

HenrykinhO (FC Bayern München)  is 19 years old and the 3x champion of the Brazilian PES competition. He is also familiar to eFootball.League fans from the 2019-20 season of eFootball.Pro  when he was signed by FC Barcelona, which is still his favorite club. His former opponent, ETTORITO97, is his favorite player. 

Xbox One

rafafiel10 (Manchester United) is 26 years old and won the eGOL PRO in Brazil with the Corinthians earlier this year. His idol in PES is fellow participant HenrykinhO, and Usmakabyle is his top player in eFootball.Pro. 

Éder (Manchester United) is 28 years old and looks up most to Brazilian players GuiFera and Mito Abdalla. His favorite team in the league is the one he chose to represent in the World Finals, Manchester United. 

NOVATO (Manchester United) is 19 years old and a current member of Santos e-Sports. He claimed that he originally hoped to play professional football on the real pitch, but eventually turned his skills to PES and enjoys competing in Brazil. His top team in the league is Arsenal FC, and AS Monaco’s Usmabakyle is his favorite player. 

Saturn868643 (Manchester United) is the oldest player in the league at 34 years old. He most recently played for Torino eSports in the 2021 eSerie A. While he listed the English club as his favorite team, he claims that he most looks up to ETTORITO97 and Usmakabyle in eFootball.Pro.


EV_SEBACAB96 (FC Bayern München) is 24 years old and last played in the World Finals in 2020. He hopes to win this year and advance to eFootball.Pro. He is a fan of FC Barcelona and their previous representative, GuiFera, as well as current AS Monaco player Usmakabyle. 

NÓBREGA (Manchester United) is 30 years old and most recently reached the Semifinals of eFootball.Open 2020. He plays PES competitively for Santos in Brazil, but it is his dream to play for a European club. Usmakabyle is his favorite player in the league. 

momojuve (Celtic FC) is 25 years old and reached the eFootball.Open Regional Finals last year. He hopes that his performance will set an example to youth in Senegal, Africa about how to achieve success through hard work. He claims that the three representatives of AS Monaco are his favorites in the league. 

Npk_02 (AS Roma) is 29 years old and was the winner of the eEuro2020 with Italy, as well as the eSerie A 2021 while representing Genoa. He also participated in the 2020 Regional Finals of eFootball.Open. He is a fan of Juventus, but his top player is Monegasque club representative Kilzyou

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