Get to know eFootball.Pro’s newest clubs: AS Roma and Galatasaray SK

A closer look at the newest additions to the eFootball.Pro lineup, and the impressive PES players representing them

AS Roma

AS Roma made their eFootball.Pro debut in the 2020-21 season with three skilled PES players, who all have prior experience in the league. Team captain, RoksaCzv22, is from Serbia and represented FC Nantes in the previous season. His fellow Serbian teammate who also represented the French club, KEPA, has joined him once again this season. To complete the squad, S-Venom is representing his home country by playing for AS Roma, after competing for Arsenal FC in the 2019-20 season of eFootball.Pro.  

Regarding the Italian club’s goal of the season, RoskaCzv22 asserted: “Our goal this season is to play good football and to be one of the top four clubs of the season, and to try to win the title.” While discussing his feelings about the PES players he’ll be playing alongside this season, he responded: “I’m happy with my teammates. My old teammate, KEPA, is still with me, and we have a new part, S-Venom, and I’m very happy with him too. I think we can be very good this season.” 

When asked if being a first-time club in eFootball.Pro would be an advantage or disadvantage, RoksaCzv22 optimistically speculated: “It can be an advantage for us because Roma is new this season.” He also pointed out that other clubs don’t know the style of the Italian team's gameplay going into the 2020-21 season. Acknowledging the pressure of representing the elite Italian club, he claimed: “My expectations are big, because Roma is one of the best teams in Europe and they’re always trying to win something, so we will do our best to win the title.” Setting the tone for the season to come, he claimed: “Maybe we will lose a battle, but I’m sure we can win this war."

Galatasaray SK

Galatasaray SK joined the eFootball.Pro competition with three rookie players making up their roster. Djibrilliant and StavAttack are both from Greece, while their teammate, Muchahit21, is from Turkey. While all three have extensive experience playing PES, this is the first time any of them have participated in the elite competition.  

Turkish club representative, Mucahit21, explained his expectations for the season: “Our main goal is winning the title. We’re going to go step-by-step. Our first goal is to qualify for the playoffs, to be in the top six, then we will focus on playoffs and winning the title. Looking at the lineup of eFootball.Pro rookies, he remarked: “I’m really happy with my team. Individually, we’re all good players, we all have some accomplishments over the years, and we have good chemistry on and off the pitch, so I think we’ll do great.”

Discussing the team’s status as a first year competing club in the league, Mucahit21 confidently claimed: “I think it won’t be hard for us to adapt to the league, we’re a good team with good players, so I think we can do well in the league.” Regarding his expectations, he anticipated: “I expect really tough games and that we’ll experience a lot. This is the highest level we can play in. I expect to be successful, and to reach our goals as a team.” Acknowledging Galatasaray SK’s legacy, he concluded: “In every branch, Galatasaray fights for the win and for the trophies. It’s going to be the same in esports. I’m going to show my fighter spirit in the league and do my best to bring this trophy to Galatasaray.”

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