Game changing goals of the 2020-21 Regular Season

Check out the goals that altered the course of the most recent season of the professional eFootball™ competition

The following goals scored by the elite players of the 2020-2021 eFootball.Pro were the equalizers that led to a lead and eventual win for their clubs. They were arguably some of the most iconic shots to potentially change the results of the season. 

The first took place in Matchday 2 during Game 2 of Arsenal FC and FC Barcelona’s matchup. After losing the first game 3-1, INDOJAWA achieved an equalizer of 1-1 in minute 44’ that led to the Gunners’ eventual 2-3 victory. The second of the day occurred in Game 1 of AS Roma’s fixture with AS Monaco. While RoksaCzv22 tied the score in minute 49’, it was his second equalizer of the game in minute 57’ that put the team on their path to the 3-2 win. 

The next goal of this kind was featured in Matchday 4, during the first game of Celtic FC and Galatasaray SK’s matchup. StavAttack tied the score for the Turkish club in minute 43’ which gave the club leverage to come back and win 1-2. The following was achieved by top goal scorer Kilzyou in Game 1 of AS Monaco’s fixture with FC Schalke 04. He brought the score to 3-3, which eventually led to the Monegasque team’s 4-5 win. 

Matchday 5 consisted of the most game-changing equalizers, with at least one in each match. The first was IL DISUTRUTTORE44’s in Juventus’ first game against FC Barcelona. It was early on in minute 11’, and created the 1-1 score that remained until minute 90+1’ when his teammate LoScandalo achieved the win. The following was INDOMINATOR’s in minute 60’ of the Gunners’ match with FC Bayern München. It was the second of the day that then went on to be won by a goal after minute 90’. Kilzyou’s was next in minute 44’ of AS Monaco’s matchup with Manchester United FC that the Monegasque club went on to achieve the 1-3 victory.

They were arguably some of the most iconic shots to potentially change the results of the season.

In his debut matchday, Gagliardo28 put Celtic FC back into the running of Game 1 with an equalizer in minute 7’, countering his opponent FC Schalke 04’s MeroMen’s early goal in minute 5’. The Scottish club went on to win the game 2-4. The German team had their chance as well with Urma’s score tying shot in minute 13’ of the second game, which led to their ultimate 4-2 victory. Finally, rookies Mucahit21 and StavAttack joined the action by equalizing the score one time each in their fixture with AS Roma. Although there were many other goals scored to create the 3-4 result, it came out in Galatasaray SK’s favor. 

The sole successful equalizer of Matchday 6 was achieved by Celtic FC’s umbee96_ in minute 21’ of their first game against Juventus. After creating the tied score, the Scottish squad went on to win 2-5 against the eventual league champions. Next up was E_C_Oneill in minute 15’ in the first game of Matchday 7, although the scoreboard went on to be equalized again by Manchester FC’s opponents, FC Schalke 04, it was the English club that came out on top 3-2. KEPA then continued with the trend in AS Roma’s second game against Celtic FC with his shot in minute 52’, bringing the score to 1-1, which he then followed up with another to grant the Italian club the 2-1 win. 

The final three took place in the eighth matchday of the season, beginning with KEPA’s in minute 87’ of his second game against Arsenal FC. It led to the 2-3 win for Roma, and was just one of his seven iconic successful shots that day. Next was Usmakabyle’s goal in minute 41’ of the Monegasque club’s fixture with Galatasaray SK. It brought the scoreboard to 1-1, putting Monaco in position to eventually earn a 4-2 victory in the second game. The final shot of the season was Kams10_’s in minute 60’ of Game 2 against FC Bayern München. It led to the English club’s three point gain after experiencing a shutout loss in the first game.

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