FC Barcelona remains in first place, as AS Monaco begins their climb back to the top

Results from Matchday 4 prove the unpredictable nature of the 2020-21 season’s competition, leaving speculation open about potential league champions moving forward

Although the top position failed to waver following Matchday 4, almost all other rankings feature new clubs following iconic team performances and standout individual gameplay. AS Roma and Galatasaray SK have sparked the question of future player selection as the new roster additions were introduced. FC Barcelona managed to defend their spot, Galatasaray SK escaped theirs, and the middle of the league table has left Knockout Stage contention a possibility for many teams. 

FC Bayern München and AS Roma kicked off Matchday 4 by facing off in the first match, with the German club hoping to finally break out of the bottom half of the league table. Following a quiet starting 45 minutes, Alex Alguacil of FC Bayern München was the sole goal scorer of the first game with his shot in minute 60’, creating the 1-0 result. The second game started off with an early goal in minute 11’ by AS Roma’s Aca, who was making his eFootball.Pro IQONIQ debut. Bayern captain JOSE equalized the score in minute 69’, hoping to earn his team at least four points by the competition’s conclusion. This plan proved to be unsuccessful, however, after the Italian club achieved three goals, including KEPA’s first goal of the season, and ended the game at 1-4 in their favor and splitting the matchday with three points each.

Arsenal FC and Juventus were next up in the second match, separated by two rankings and tied with nine points each as they entered the competition. The first game featured “wave after wave” of pressure from Juventus, including a goal by team captain ETTORITO97 in minute 23’. INDOJAWA saved Arsenal FC from defeat in minute 56’, tying the game at 1-1 where it remained unchanged until the conclusion. INDOMINATOR put the English club ahead almost immediately with a goal in minute 4’, followed shortly by ETTORITO97’s second successful shot of the day in minute 16’. Portuguese player barboza became the final member of the Arsenal roster to score in minute 30’, increasing the result to 2-1 which ultimately earned the Gunners their favorable outcome of four points.

The third match was crucial for Celtic FC and Galatasaray SK, as they both hoped to escape the bottom two positions on the league table. Galatasaray “threw themselves right back into the mix” with a victory in the first game concluded 1-2 in the Turkish team’s favor, marking their first win in the league, with both of their goals achieved by StavAttack in minutes 43’ and 62’. Celtic FC captain, Jorcha, brought his team ahead in the second game initially with a shot in minute 41’, only to be equalized by StavAttack’s third goal of the day in minute 64’. This play not only advanced him in the individual rankings, but earned his team four points as the match came to a close, successfully swapping the two clubs on the league table once again.  

Manchester United FC and FC Barcelona made up the fourth fixture, with Barcelona hoping to protect the first place ranking they held prior to the day’s competition. eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentators claimed that fans witnessed THE PALMA “in the form of his life” after his skillful performance that resulted in the only two goals of Game 1, earning Barcelona a 0-2 result. The Blaugrana squad continued their winning streak, with ALEX GRD and ALEXR joining the action of the second game. The two goals achieved by Manchester United’s E_C_Oneill and Kams10_ were unsuccessful in earning points after being outnumbered by five iconic goals of FC Barcelona, which included another by THE PALMA, two for ALEX GRD, and two for ALEXR. The goal show led to a 2-5 result and the six points Barcelona needed to maintain their league table topping position.

To close out Matchday 4, FC Schalke 04 and AS Monaco competed in the final match of the day, with the German squad entering the matchday ranked second and the Monegasque trio hoping to reclaim their top position. The first game mirrored the unpredictable and closely matched nature of the entire league, with nine goals scored overall, the lead shifting several times, and the result not determined until the very end with Kilzyou completing his hat trick in minute 84’ to secure the well-earned 4-5 win for AS Monaco. The Monegasque squad then continued with the momentum of their victory, and achieved a shutout game of 0-4 against their German opponents, featuring goals by all three Monaco members including two additional shots by Kilzyou. Not only did this officially place him as the top goal scorer (11), but it added six points to the league table bringing AS Monaco to 2nd place at the end of the match.

The MVP of Matchday 3 and the best goal award of the January 30th competition were presented at the beginning of the day. FC Barcelona's captain, THE PALMA, was the recipient of both awards for the first time in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ Regular Season history. The awards of Matchday 4 will be announced on Saturday, March 13th. In order to decide the MVP, KONAMI chooses one player out of the five based on CO-OP points determined by the video game. Both MVP and Best Goal are individual prizes that award 10,000€ each.

The following fixtures for the fifth matchday have officially been announced: FC Barcelona vs. Juventus, FC Bayern München vs. Arsenal FC, Manchester United FC vs. AS Monaco, FC Schalke 04 vs. Celtic FC, AS Roma vs. Galatasaray SK. Matchday 5 is scheduled to broadcast on Saturday, March 13th at 1:00pm CET (12:00pm CET). 

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