FC Barcelona dethrones AS Monaco, taking their place at top of the league table

Matchday 4 featured hat tricks, brilliant team gameplay, and several shutout victories as both FC Barcelona and FC Schalke 04 earned all six points and now rank in the first two positions

The league table features an entirely new look as FC Barcelona places first with twelve points, FC Schalke 04 in second with 12 points as well, and Manchester United FC in third closely with eleven points following the excitement of the January 30th competition. Celtic FC earned their first victory, as Juventus and Manchester United FC experienced defeat for the first time in the 2020-21 season. Unexpected gameplay and standout performances prove the competition is still wide open for the eFootball.Pro IQONIQ players. 

The first matchup of the day was an All-English affair between Arsenal FC and Manchester United FC. The clubs entered the matchday separated by four rankings, with Arsenal in 6th and Manchester United in 2nd,  but by only two points on the league table. Manchester was officially stripped of their undefeated title following a shutout win of 2-0 by Arsenal FC, featuring goals by brothers INDOJAWA and INDOMINATOR. In a much higher scoring second game of 4-2, Manchester United FC made sure to prove their high ranking position with a win and two goals from both E_C_Oneill and Kams10_. With each club taking three points to the league table, Arsenal FC defied over 80% of the eFootball.Pro IQONIQ fan predictions anticipating a full Manchester win. 

The second match featured an Italian derby between Juventus and AS Roma, with both teams entering the competition with six points. In what Adam Butcher referred to as “one of the greatest defensive performances of eFootball.Pro IQONIQ so far,” RoksaCzv22 was the sole goal scorer of the entire first game, leading AS Roma to a 0-1 victory. In an early response to the disappointing outcome of the first game, LoScandalo brought the score in favor of Juventus almost immediately in minute 5’. He then added two additional goals to the scoreboard, completing a hat trick and securing a shutout 3-0 win for his club. Following a triumph for each of the Italian teams, they remained tied with nine points as their Matchday 3 performances concluded. 

AS Monaco and FC Barcelona made up the third fixture, with Monaco entering the day narrowly holding onto their first place position, and Barcelona only trailing by three points. The Monegasque club was the first to score a goal, however Barcelona’s ALEX GRD added two afterwards, and THE PALMA with another to follow, leading the team to their 1-3 achievement. The second game featured a performance by FC Barcelona that sent “shockwaves through eFootball.Pro IQONIQ” as they defeated AS Monaco for a second time with a result of 1-4, which included a hat trick by team captain THE PALMA. This was the first time the Monaco trio was unable to add any points to the league table, marking a major accomplishment for the Blaugrana squad as they become serious contenders for the championship title. 

Following the impressive spectacle, FC Schalke 04 and Galatasaray SK faced off in the fourth match, with the Turkish club hoping to rise in the rankings from the bottom of the league table. The first game remained scoreless until late in the 83rd minute, when FC Schalke 04’s rookie, Urma, was able to alter the result in his club’s favor. EL_Matador went on to earn another in minute 90’ to guarantee their win. The second game included one goal each by all three of the German club representatives, however StavAttack was responsible for the Turkish team avoiding another shutout loss with his goal in minute 78’. Schalke’s back-to-back victories made them the second club of the day to achieve the six point feat, landing them in second place as their competition came to a close. 

Celtic FC and FC Bayern München faced off in the final pairing of the day, as both teams hoped to advance from their positions in the bottom three on the league table. Celtic captain, Jorcha, put his team on the board first in minute 42’. Alex Alguacil of FC Bayern München managed to equalize the result twice in hopes of preventing a loss to the Scottish club, but goals by PataNegra7 and umbee96_ led Celtic FC to their first victory of the season (3-2). The German club started the second game off strong with a two goal lead, however Jorcha and PataNegra7 brought the result to 2-2 which remained equalized for the rest of the competition. With one win, and the sole tie of Matchday 4 under their belt, Celtic added four points to the league table now with only one point separating them and FC Bayern München, after they earned just one.

The MVP of Matchday 2 and the best goal award of the January 16th competition were presented at the beginning of the day. EL_Matador of FC Schalke 04 won the prize for the best goal, and Juventus' ETTORITO97 was named the most valuable player. The awards of Matchday 3 will be announced on Saturday, February 13th. In order to decide the MVP, KONAMI chooses one player out of the five based on CO-OP points determined by the video game. Both MVP and Best Goal are individual prizes that award 10,000€ each to the winner.

The following fixtures for the fourth matchday have officially been announced: FC Bayern München vs. AS Roma, Arsenal FC vs. Juventus, Celtic FC vs. Galatasaray SK, Manchester United FC vs. FC Barcelona, FC Schalke 04 vs. AS Monaco. Matchday 4 is scheduled to broadcast on Saturday, February 13th at 1:00pm CET (12:00pm CET). 

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