ETTORITO97: “We found a new formation and the results are finally back”

ALEX GRD hopes to get FC Barcelona back on track moving forward, as ETTORITO97 credits practice and strategy for Juventus’ success

The highly anticipated Featured Match of Matchday 5 between FC Barcelona and Juventus ended with a surprising zero points going to the Blaugrana club on the league table after the Italian trio managed to achieve two victories by the end of the competition. eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon spoke with ALEX GRD and ETTORITO97 about the performances that unseated FC Barcelona from their top rank, and boosted Juventus up to 4th place. 

First up for the post-match interview was ALEX GRD of FC Barcelona. He admitted: “In the first game, we lost on a stupid goal. We needed to win that game, we had four chances and didn’t score. After, they scored a lucky goal.” However, the Barcelona team representative didn’t allow the losses to distract his attention on the future competition: “That’s the game, we can’t win them all. We need to learn and come back stronger.”

ALEX GRD: "We can’t win them all. We need to learn and come back stronger.”

While they were the first placing club entering Matchday 5, he recognized: “With Juventus, ETTORITO97 is a beast. Maybe the best player in the world. We are disappointed to not take at least three points.” Looking towards their upcoming match against FC Schalke 04, ALEX GRD first accurately predicted their drop in the league table from their coveted top rank, then stated: “We need to restore us. We need to take points like we did in the previous matchdays.”

On a more celebratory note, Channon then spoke with ETTORITO97 about his club’s epic performance that boosted them from 7th place all the way to 4th, currently positioned within the ranks necessary to advance to the Knockout Stage. The team captain confirmed that he was happy with the result, pointing out:Luca made a really great performance today. He scored four goals in just one game, so I’m really proud of him.” He continued by congratulating the entire roster on their successful team performance, analyzing the gameplay: “The first game was difficult, but in the second we started aggressively and we deserved both wins.”

Harry then asked ETTORITO97 how he felt about Juventus’ next fixture with Celtic FC. Ettore explained: “We’re preparing by playing two hours each day to find a new formation. We did it, and the results are finally back. We’re ready to win the matches and to hopefully win the league.”

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