E_C_Oneill: “We could’ve gotten six points if we had prepared ourselves a bit better”

Manchester United FC looks to continue with gameplay that will keep them at the top of the league table, as Celtic FC hopes to improve moving forward

Manchester United FC and Celtic FC faced off in Matchday 2, where the teams entered the competition on almost entirely opposite ends of the league table. The Scottish team was able to earn one point following a draw in the first game, while the English squad earned another four points and the first place position in the rankings. 

Harry Channon, eFootball.Pro commentator, spoke with Celtic FC’s captain, Jorcha, inquiring about the team’s disappointment following yet another underwhelming performance. Jorcha explained: “We are very disappointed. To be honest, we didn’t play very well in the second game. We were playing defensively, we think that we need to play more offensively and we’re ready for that. In the first game we played well in the first half, in the second half I didn’t like our game… We have to try to improve our errors, there is no other way. We have to train and the results will come.”

As Matchday 3 approaches, Channon asked about Celtic’s next opponent, FC Bayern München. The Scottish team captain admitted: “Bayern München, in our opinion, is the best team at the moment in the league. We know that it will be difficult. We have a very difficult calendar, but I think we know how to beat them. So, we have to prepare and give it our best.”

In the following interview, Harry spoke with Manchester United FC captain and eFootball.Pro veteran, E_C_Oneill. Following a second week of earning four points, he was asked if he felt disappointed in not being able to take all six. Expressing more optimism, the captain told Channon they were still happy with four, adding: “I think we could’ve gotten six points if we had prepared ourselves a bit better. I think we did really well. The first game was happy for us. At the last minute we tried to change some things that didn’t go in our favor, but I think we played pretty well. In the second game we were in no danger, we controlled the game.” 

JORCHA: "We have to train and the results will come."

Channon congratulated the English squad trio for topping the league table, then moved into strategic talk for Matchday 3 where they are set to face Arsenal FC. E_C_Oneill claimed: “It’s hard to prepare, because they’re the only team playing like this… We should bring the pressure to them and try to disrupt their buildup and hopefully if it works we can get a good result.” Speaking from experience after playing with INDOMINATOR in the first season of eFootball.Pro, he also mentioned: “It’s always hard against Yos because he’s a very good CO-OP player and, with those three, I think they have the best team chemistry out of everyone.”

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