ASM Lotfi: “It’s good to have this advantage in the ranking”

ASM Lotfi from AS Monaco, and Roksa from FC Nantes, talked about their match with very different outcomes for each club

After a double 3-1 against FC Nantes, AS Monaco’s Lotfi showed his enthusiasm with the result: “We are very happy. It was a difficult game, a very good opponent. They were in second position, we are in the first. We had three more points and now we have nine more. It’s good to have this advantage in the ranking.” After that analysis, he talked about the performance of FC Nantes this season: “Congratulations to them because they are very good and I think they will take more points in the next days.”

Harry Channon asked them, joking, if they compete against each other to score goals. “Not really, to be honest. The most important thing is to win our games. if we win 1-0 it’s ok too. We hope to play like today in the next days”, ASM Lotfi answered.

To prepare the following match against Celtic FC, ASM Lotfi explained their strategy: “We will train a lot like always. It’s not because we are in first position, that we’ll stop working. All opponents are better day after day and we will work for the style of our opponents too. Celtic has a special style and we’ll work to take all six points.”

On the other hand, Roska from FC Nantes showed a very different face: “We are very disappointed, we expected at least three points. We need to train more and prepare for the next game. This win was deserved for Monaco but we could have played a little better.” 

Analysing what went wrong, Roksa acknowledged some bad luck: “In the second game, we had the chance for a 2-2 but Kepa missed, he was alone with the goalkeeper. But this is football. They scored almost all and we missed”. “Next game is against Arsenal and they are very good. We tried 4-4-2 and we tried 4-3-3. Maybe we’ll do something new, I don’t know. We have two weeks to train and we’ll see”, the Serbian player finished.

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