A Milan Derby and Last Season’s Grand Finale Rematch as a Starter for the First Matchday

The eFootball™ Championship Pro 2023 starts tomorrow with four exciting matches: AC Milan - FC Inter, Man. Utd. - Barça, FC Bayern - AS Monaco and Arsenal FC - AS Roma.

The competition begins this Saturday with four intense and exciting match-ups. All clubs had time enough to review their strategies during the pre-season and to think of the best way to beat their opponents. No player will know who they will be playing against until the very start of the match, so it will be important to have a good strategy and to choose the right order in which the players will play, as every point counts to pass on to the Knockout Stage. The lights are on, the venue is set up and everything is ready for the competition to begin.


What a match to start with! The Italian derby from Milan will be surely one of the most  anticipated matches of this season. Both clubs debut for the first time ever aiming to win the championship but they first will have to secure as many points as possible against their eternal rival. Under AC Milan t-shirts, 3 newcomers: captain ACM Naples17x, the reigning eFootball™ Championship Open 2022 champion in the XBOX platform, alongside ACM Sasinho and ACM Kirito. Against the Rossoneri, the Nerazzurri field two veterans of the competition, MeroMen and Christopher_M_M, joined by ArdaGolaaazooo, the Turkish young talent who is the younger player of the competition. There is not a better way of starting a competition such as this. 


Second match with two top-level rosters. Both teams have changed all their players except for The Palma, who repeats as captain of the Blaugranas. This season, he will be joined by former FC Bayern’s Alex Alguacil, who was already champion with FC Barcelona alongside the reappeared multi-champion Ettorito97. The Culers have formed a talented roster, but in front of them Manchester United will surely show all of its new players’ potential. The Red Devils have signed an entire squad of world-class Frenchmen: veteran Lotfi Derradji, the talented killer Kilzyou and last season’s MVP and champion with AS Monaco, Nekza. Two historical teams face to face and 9 points at stake. Whatever happens, it will be a spectacle.


If someone thought that the previous 2 matches would deliver enough drama for a matchday, there is more wood to light the fire. The rematch of last season’s Grand Finale will be the third match of the day. The Bavarians will try to make amends after finishing as runners-up last year by repeating with captain FCB_Jose and the also Spaniard FCB_Mestre and adding to their lines the Turkish talent Mucahit21. AS Monaco, on the other side, will try to secure the first step in the way of retaining the title. The Monegasques will again be captained by the 4-time-World-Champion Usmakabyle, joined by two former Manchester United players: Frenchman Kams10_ and Dutchman E_C_Oneill. The outcome cannot be predicted, but there are sure to be goals and epic moments.


Final match of the day, British against Italians. The Gunners have strengthened with former Barça’s Roksa22, the reigning eEuro21 champion, and ex-Manchester United Ostrybuch, who will be captained by INDOMINATOR. On the opposite side, the Romans will try to repeat their good performance in last season’s Group Stage, but this time aiming to reach the final and eventually win the championship. The Giallorrossi have shown to trust their players unconditionally so they bring the same exact squad as last season with ASR_URMA43 as captain along with the Italians ASR_STIFFLER and ASR_Gagliardo28. To which team will the last 9 points of the day go? Tomorrow we will know. 


The professional eSports players who have outstanding performances during the tournament will be awarded with individual prizes like the Best Goal of the Day, the MVP of the Regular League and the MVP of the Knockout Stage. Fans will also have the opportunity to win rewards in two campaigns that will be held during the competition: with the Victory Giveaway campaign, clubs will raffle merchandise on their channels based on the number of victories achieved, and with the Viewing Campaign anyone entering the streaming through a banner displayed in-game will earn 1000 eFootball™ points automatically. 


The event will be broadcasted in a streaming programme that can be followed live on the official eFootball™ YouTube and Facebook channels at 13:00 CET. There will also be complementary live content on Twitter and Instagram so that the whole eFootballTM community doesn’t miss a single detail of the eFootball™ Championship Pro 2023. 

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