New Prizes for Fans during the eFootball™ Championship Pro 2023!

Clubs will giveaway merchandise for every victory and fans can also win up to 6000 eFootball™ Points just by entering the streamings through a link published in-game

eFootball™ has returned for the 2023 season with its most expected competition: the eFootball™ Championship Pro, a professional league where the world's top eSports players are contracted by European professional football clubs to win the prestigious title. The competition consists of a Regular League with 8 clubs, after which the top 6 will advance to the Knockout Stage, where they will compete for the trophy in a single elimination BO3 format. Apart from prize money, which will be offered to clubs with respect to their rankings, there are also individual awards that will be rewarded to the top-performers such as the Best Goal of the Day, the MVP of the Regular League and the MVP of the Knockout Stage.

Like the previous season, the esports players won’t be the only ones with the chance of winning individual prizes, as Konami has launched two campaigns that will surely catch the attention of any eFootball™ user. 

The Victory Giveaway Campaign

During the 5-month-long tournament, fans will have the chance to win goods and merchandise from their clubs. Starting from February 11th, each club will give away official items based on the number of victories achieved during the competition, so fans can use them or wear them to cheer for their club. Each prize draw will be carried out by each club in their own way and published on their own social media channels. Stay tuned to each club’s esports account and their official channels to know the prizes and when these giveaways will be done.


The Viewing Campaign 

At the start of the first matchday streaming, 1000 eFootball™ points will be awarded to each person who tunes in to the live stream programme through a link published within the eFootball™ video game. For the rest of the matchdays, 500 eFootball™ points will be given, but on the Knockout Stage streaming the reward will rise to 2000 eFootball™ points. The prize will not be available if the stream is accessed directly from YouTube or Facebook, so make sure you access directly from the link that will be available the days before the first matchday.

For information regarding eFootball™ Points, refer to the eFootball™ Point Official Site here https://www.konami.com/wepes/efootball_point

For information on eFootball™ Championship Pro visit the Official Site at https://efootballpro.konami.net/

For all the latest news from the eFootball™ franchise and for further information, please follow: 

Website: konami.com/efootball

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