Konami's eFootball™ Championship Pro 2022 Season kicks off June 11th

eFootball™ Championship Pro, the elite tournament for professional eSports football players and Clubs, and eFootball™ Championship Open, accessible to any in-game user, are back for another exciting season

Konami Digital Entertainment has today announced the return and first details of the eFootball™ Championship 2022, an esports competition open to many different players, ranging from beginners to the elite. Following the game’s name change to "eFootball™", the competition formerly known as "eFootball League” has also been renamed as “eFootball Championship”.

eFootball™ Championship Pro - Starting June 11th

With over 7 million total views on YouTube during last year, eFootball™ Championship Pro is back for its fifth season on June 11th with professional eSports players representing top-notch football clubs. As last year, FC Barcelona, Manchester United FC, FC Bayern München, Arsenal FC, AS Roma, Celtic FC, Galatasaray SK and AS Monaco will be the final eight participating clubs that will battle for raising the exclusive eFootball™ Championship Pro trophy. The Pro participants have been selected by the competing football clubs, with these details set to be announced in the coming days.

This year, the eFootball™ Championship Pro structure will consist in two stages: a Group Stage, with two groups of four teams, and a Knockout Stage, where the two leading Clubs in the Group Stage will pass directly to the Semifinals while the following two teams on each group will face each other on Quarter-Finals. All fixtures in both the Group Stage and the Knockout Stage will have a brand new competition format of three 1-vs-1 online games per match, following a 3-1-0 points system per victory, tie or defeat on the Group Stage, and a best of 3 format in the Knockout Stage.

The professional eSports players who have outstanding performances during the tournament will be awarded with individual prizes like the Best Goal of the Day, the Best Player of each Group and the MVP of the season award. Fans will also have the opportunity to win club goods in various eFootball™ Victory Giveaway campaigns that will be carried out by the Clubs throughout the competition. 

Further information on this will be provided in another article on the website.

eFootball™ Championship Pro important dates - Live Draw in June 4th

The draw to determine the clubs that will be in each group and the order of the pairings will be streamed live on June 4th. Group Stage matches will take place Saturdays and Sundays, on June 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th. The Knockout Stage will be played on June 25th and 26th. The draw and all matches will be streamed live in the eFootball™ official YouTube channel.

For more information on eFootball™ Championship Pro, visit https://efootballpro.konami.net/league/overview/

eFootball™ Championship Open - Starting June 27th

The eFootball™ Championship Open receives an overwhelming welcome every year. For all amateur eFootball players, the tournament serves as a platform to get exposure to one of the 8 Clubs participating in eFootball™ Championship Pro, with the opportunity to be signed by one of them for the next season and become professional eSports players. The eFootball™ Championship Open starts on June 27th and, for the first time ever, is available on all four eFootball™ platforms: PlayStation®, Xbox, Steam® and Mobile.

eFootball™ Championship Open - World Finals on August 13th and 14th

Held in June and July, the competition will be divided into 3 rounds and the World Finals, which will be streamed in the eFootball™ official YouTube channel on August 14th. The World Finals will host the 2 best players from each region (Europe & Africa, Americas and Asia, Oceania & Other Areas), 6 from each platform, making a total of 24 candidates for the title. 

For more information about the eFootball™ Championship Open visit the eFootball™ official website here: https://efootballpro.konami.net/open/overview/efootball-open/


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