• Sign up for the eFootball League for a chance to win official club merchandise and in-game items!


    All competitors that sign up to eFootball automatically go in the draw for a chance to win official merchandise from the club that they register for.

    Check back in early December for more details on what merch will be up for grabs, as well as how many winners will be selected in total. Be sure to read the terms and conditions below for more important info regarding the prize draw.

        IN-GAME ITEMS    

    You'll also be able to earn in-game items themed after your club by accruing Matchday points. See below to find out what items you'll be able to win.

    Points EarnedRewards
    2.500100 myClub coin
    5.000Gold ball Agents×1 *1
    7.500200 myClub coin
    10.000Black ball Agents×1 *1
    15.000300 myClub coin
    20.000Black ball Agents×1 *1
    25.000400 myClub coin
    30.000Black ball Agents×2 *1
    40.000500 myClub coin
    50.000★5 Scout×1 *1
    100.000★ 5 Scout×1 *1
    150.000★ 5 Scout×2 *1

    *1 Rewards marked with a "1" in the chart above are items that allow you to sign players from your designated club. The players you'll be able to sign using these Scouts and Agents are subject to current club rosters, which may change with each new Live Update.
    Depending on your club, there may be a chance that the Scouts and Agents you win are not able to sign any players for you. This can occur if there are no players of the requisite rarity (ball colour) in your club's current roster.
    Be sure to check the List of Targets in-game for a complete list of all players signable by Agents.


    PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS


    Only points earned in custom-squad Matchday events themed after matches played in the eFootball.pro league will be count towards rewards.
    Additionally, only points earned with the club you selected when signing up for eFootball League will count towards earning rewards.


    Round 1: 20/02/2020 (During Maintenance)

    Round 1 rewards will be sent out to users based on the amount of points they earned as of 09/02/2020.

    Round 2: 30/04/2020 (During Maintenance)

    Round 2 rewards will be sent out to users  based on the amount of points they earned as of 19/04/2020.


    Winners of club merchandise will be notified via the email address registered to their KONAMI ID.

    If you are selected to win a prize, but we are unable to get in contact with you or ascertain your postal address, your prize may be rendered forfeit. Prizes cannot be exchanged.

    Only winners are eligible to receive prizes. If you have won a prize, you may not elect another entrant to receive it in your place.
    We do not accept inquiries regarding the prize draw, including questions about the registration process, or other general inquiries over the phone. We also cannot tell you whether or not you were selected to win a prize.
    You can only claim in-game prizes on the platform that you used to register for eFootball League.
    In-game items won in Round 1 cannot be won again in Round 2.

    In-game items must be claimed before their expiry date.

    We reserve the right to change campaign dates and/or other details, as well as postpone or cancel the campaign at any time.


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