YIOU: “eFootball.Pro is a very tough league”

“Every game you play here is on a high level”, said the Boavista FC player after their match against Celtic FC. Both teams analysed their result in detail

The match between Celtic FC and Boavista FC had a clear dominant most of the time: the Scottish team. However, the points were shared at the end and INDOMINATOR showed his feelings about it: “I’m very disappointed actually. In the first game we were the dominant team. The second game was the same, the first half we were playing our game, everything went well.” 

Then, everything changed: “In the second half we were really unlucky with all those deflections, all the second balls that were coming into their feet all the time. Still I have to give my compliments to my teammates for getting back to 2-3, but I think that we deserved more”, the captain ended.

INDOMINATOR also talked about their next rivals, FC Barcelona: “We have seen them playing against AS Monaco, a very good performance, specially in the second game. The way they played on possession was very interesting and great to see. We haven’t faced any similar team yet so  we still have to figure out, think about our game plan to see how to face them.”

Boavista FC player YIOU also explained the details of the match: “They tried to control the game and they did in the first game. We didn’t play, couldn’t do our game, and they won brilliantly 3-0, perfect game.” After losing the first game, Boavista changed some tactics in order to comeback: “In the second game we tried to change and put 4-3-3 playing a little bit more direct. In the first half we couldn’t get a ball because at the end of the first half they were like 80% of ball possession”, the player explained. 

The second change helped them, YIOU explained: “We changed again to 4-4-2, with no wingers, with offensive midfielders to block the middle game of their gameplay. We got the first goal very soon. We went through balls, second balls, rebounds and we won the game.”

Their next rivals are Arsenal FC, a team in the need of points and that is showing an improvement in results. YIOU said: “Like INDOMINATOR, Christopher likes to adjust his tactics. It is a very tough league. Every game you play here is on a high level. It’s gonna be very hard like all the games in the competition.”

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