Manchester United brought in two more Goal of the Day nominations in Matchday 5

The goals scored by Nekza and Lotfi are joined by FC Barcelona's Ettorito97, FC Bayern’s Mestre and AS Roma's Gagliardo28 in the shortlist of Goal of the Day nominees for Matchday 5.

KONAMI has selected the top 5 goals of the last Matchday 5 and, for the third time in this season, at least one goal from Manchester United is nominated. This time, Lotfi debuted as nominee and Nekza received his third nomination, one of which led to his Goal of the Day award on Matchday 2. 

The winner of such a coveted award along with its €5,000 prize will be announced during the regular league's sixth matchday event, which can be followed live from the eFootball’s YouTube and Facebook official accounts next Saturday, May 13th at 13:00 CEST

Let’s take a look at the five nominees.


FC Barcelona - AS Monaco: Match 1 Game 2

Second nomination for Ettorito97 after his Goal of the Day nomination on Matchday 1. This time, the multi-champion Italian won his fifth consecutive match against youngster Zilo with a goal in the 81st minute thanks to a great goal from Lewandoski after a great team combination and a wall pass between the blaugrana striker and Dembélé. A great goal to close a hard-fought victory against a brave Zilo that gave the first three points of the day for the curlers and led Ettorito97 to be the only player to win in all the Regular League’s matchdays. 


Manchester United - FC Inter: Match 2 Game 1

Third nomination for Nekza after his Goal of the Day award on Matchday 2. This time, the former MVP of the 2022 season won his match against FC Inter’s youngster ArdaGolaaazooo, bringing the first 3 points of the final 7 in total that the Red Devils scored in Matchday 5. The selected goal was the second of Nekza’s tally, scored in the 41st minute with a stunning header from Marcus Rashford’s Epic: Big Time card after a superb cross from Sabitzer in the right flank. 


Manchester United - FC Inter: Match 2 Game 2

The Manchester United captain was unable to beat FC Inter captain MeroMen after leading 2-0 for virtually the entire match. Lotfi conceded two goals in the 86th and 90th minutes, taking a game that was almost won to a draw. Despite the bad taste in his mouth, the Frenchman scored one of the most technical goals of the day in the 56th minute, demonstrating a great ability to handle Marcus Rashford (in his Epic: Big Time version) when he managed to get past two defenders in an inch of space inside the box and slot into the left side of the net. A goal that might be chosen as the best goal of matchday 5. 


FC Bayern München - Arsenal FC: Match 3 Game 2

A very important goal scored by Mestre in matchday 5 and which has been nominated for goal of the day. With this single goal scored in the 17th minute, the Spaniard achieved a narrow, but very significant, victory over the so far unbeaten Roksa22. Driving Tel directly and vertically into the box through the center, Mestre overcame two defenders in his path with two lovely one-two-touch dribbles in true Andres Iniesta style, and then popped up in the box to past the Gunner goalkeeper. It was a truly stunning goal for a player who made a big impact with the win.


AC Milan - AS Roma: Match 4 Game 1

A much-needed goal for the Giallorossi that earned them their first point in the Italian derby against AC Milan. Gagliardo28 was down 1-0 against ACM Kirito, but the Italian was relentless in trying to reach the opposing net and the equaliser finally came in the 81st minute with a goal from Dybala (in his Epic: Big Time version) after a good cross from Pellegrini to the far post. 

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