Relive the top 5 goals scored in the eFootball.Pro Friendly Series

An analysis of the most noteworthy goals scored throughout the friendly competition hosted during the eFootball.Pro Regular Season hiatus

Ten of the most elite eFootball.Pro players from the 2019-2020 season competed for the chance to become champion of the friendly 1v1 competition. Between the representatives of each professional club, and the collective 35 goals they scored throughout the tournament, there were five that stood out from the rest.

5. Ildistruttore (Quarterfinal 34:06)

Juventus’ Ildistruttore faced Roksa, of FC Nantes, in the Quarterfinal of the tournament, where the Juventus player would ultimately exit the round victorious with a final score of 5-4. In the moments leading up to this stand-out goal, he was trailing behind the FC Nantes representative 0-2, in need of a successful shot to bring him closer to equalizing the game. The play began with Ildistruttore, as goalkeeper Szczesny, lobbing the ball all the way to Dybala waiting outside of his opponent’s penalty arc, who then passed to perfectly positioned Cuadrado in the penalty area, ready to take the shot on goal. When the Juventus player received the ball, he executed an expert turn in order to avoid Roksa’s well-placed defense and score the impressive goal. Commentator Harry Channon deemed the goal “magical” and exactly what Ildistruttore needed to put himself back in the running to win the competition. 

4. INDOMINATOR (Preliminary Round 62:25)

INDOMINATOR of Celtic FC was matched up against Manchester United FC’s KAMS in the preliminary Round of 16, that representatives of the bottom four ranked teams in the eFootball.Pro Regular Season competed in to reach the Quarterfinals. Prior to the news-worthy shot, the score was tied 1-1, when the Scottish team representative managed to intercept the ball from KAMS and gain possession, moving it towards the English goal area. INDOMINATOR used Rogic to pass the ball from just outside of the center circle to teammate, Bayo, who then sent the ball to El Younoussi, waiting on the line of the left side of the penalty area. Skillfully evading KAMS’ defensive attempts with an impressive wall pass, the ball was then passed to Bayo, placed right next to the penalty arc. He brought the ball closer to being able to take a shot, directly outside of the goal box, where El Younoussi reclaimed the ball and expertly made a pass to Rogic. He was open and in the middle of the penalty area, perfectly positioned to make the shot, which he did, bringing the score to 2-1.

3. GOOOL (Semifinal 31:13)

Winners of the preliminary Round of 16, GOOOL of FC Schalke 04 and KAMS of Manchester United FC, faced off in the Semifinal of the friendly tournament to determine who would advance to the Final to compete for the championship title. Leading up to the goal, the German team representative was trailing behind 1-0. KAMS was fouled and the referee granted a free kick for GOOOL. Regardless of the English team’s intimidating defensive wall of players, constructed to block the German team's shot, the ball was expertly aimed to sail just above the players’ reach, landing in the top left corner of Manchester United FC’s goal, equalizing the score of the match that GOOOL would go on the win, advance to the Final, and be crowned champion of the entire eFootball.Pro Friendly Series.  

2. KAMS (Semifinal 50:23)

The semifinal between the English and German team representatives consisted of impressive goals from both players, landing KAMS’ goal in the position of second best of the entire tournament. At this point in the game, the score was 1-2 in favor of FC Schalke 04, and KAMS was set on equalizing the game to give himself a shot at competing in the Final. The Manchester United FC representative, as McTominay, received the ball inside the center circle, where he began working to move the ball towards the German goal. He passed the ball to Rashford halfway between his starting point and the penalty arc, who immediately sent the ball to Manni Mellor waiting outside of the penalty area. Successfully executing some skillful footwork, he passed the ball to the right side of the goal area, where McTominay made the remarkable shot before GOOOL’s defense was able to stop the well-orchestrated play

1. GOOOL (Final 4:58)

Advancing all the way to the Final after starting out in the preliminary Round of 16, GOOOL was set to compete against fellow finalist, FC Barcelona’s HenryKinhO. This first place goal of the Friendly Series, scored by FC Schalke 04’s representative, occurred before the game even reached minute 5’. Originally referred to as the underdog at the beginning of the competition, considering his team’s current last place ranking in the eFootball.Pro Regular Season, GOOOL went into the series with a lot to prove, which is exactly what he did with his almost immediate first goal in the Final. After successfully moving the ball out of his side of the field, the German player advanced into an offensive position, moving towards FC Barcelona’s goal. Boujellab, waiting just past the halfway line, received the ball and passed it directly to Burgstaller, who impressively outsmarted Barça’s defence with a quick turn and sent the ball to Harit. Harit, flanked by two of HenrykinhO’s defenders, quickly kicked the ball to Kutucu, who had made himself free in the penalty area and well-positioned in front of their opponent’s goal to take a shot, which he did successfully bringing the score to 0-1 just as the game was entering its fifth minute. Channon dubbed the shot a “wonder strike” from FC Schalke 04, which left the Blaugrana club “absolutely stunned”, being the first of two goals scored by GOOOL in the Final which led to him being crowned winner of the series. 

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