Remembering the first half of this season of eFootball.Pro with the top 10 original photos

Look back at the 2019-2020 season with photos that show some behind the scenes moments, going beyond just the most impressive goals and top scoring teams

© KDE / Commentators Adam Butcher, Harry Channon, and Stewart Westley (left to right) prepare for the third matchday of the eFootball.Pro season.

© KDE / GuiFera, JOSE, JORCHA, and HenrykinhO (left to right) observe their fellow eFootball.Pro competitors in the VIP lounge.

© KDE / Boavista FC captain, Barboza, greets Harry Channon in the mixed zone following an impressive two goals scored in the first game of Matchday 3, accompanied by teammate Joker. 

© KDE / Brothers INDOJAWA and INDOMINATOR embrace their teammate, JORCHA, following INDOJAWA's game-winning goal scored in minute 57 ', bringing Celtic FC into the lead where they would remain until the conclusion of the game.

© KDE / eFootball.Pro referee, Sergio Párraga, assists league leading AS Monaco prior to their match against Celtic FC, which resulted in two draws and a three point gain for both clubs.  

© KDE / OSTRYBUCH and Manchester United FC teammate, KAMS, take a break from the serious nature of the competition to share a laugh during the second matchday of the season, where OSTRYBUCH would go on to score the only goal of the second game.

© KDE / Boavista FC and AS Monaco wait together before taking the stage and competing against each other in the second matchday of the 2019-2020 season.

© KDE / AS Monaco player, ASM Usmakabyle, honors his dog, Nala, by displaying her jersey following the team's shutout victory against Arsenal FC.

© KDE / FC Barcelona players GuiFera, HenrykinhO, and The_Palma, gather in relief after HenrykinhO scored the game winning goal in minute 90 + 5 ', earning the team four points overall and placing them in fourth place at the end of the matchday.

© KDE / Returning players GOOOL (FC Schalke 04) and Alex Alguacil (FC Bayern München) lead their teams onto the stage preparing to face each other in Matchday 3. With previous experience in eFootball.Pro, both veteran competitors are hoping to be crowned champion this season. 

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