S-Venom: "We need to improve our chemistry, but we are on the good road"

Arsenal FC and Manchester United FC players react after their match on Matchday 2


Arsenal FC players S-Venom and Christopher took turns in front of the microphone after their match against Manchester United FC. S-Venom was the first, and he acknowledged that they: “wanted two victories”. “We worked a lot during the holidays, we spent time improving our game. But we have played together for not that much time and we need to improve our chemistry”, he stated. He concluded that they “are on the good road and confident”.

About the match, he said that they won the first match because Manchester United’s style is “pretty similar” to theirs, and they won the first game because they “spent a lot of time in defence”. 

When asked about Matchday 3, when they play against FC Barcelona, Christopher answered: “We will try to continue playing this way. Today we spent very well and I’m proud of my teammates. Against Barcelona, it will be a tight game. They have a CO-OP world champion but we’ll be ready. We’ll work a lot to improve”.

On their side, E_c_oneill talked about Manchester United’s performance in both games and its differences: “In the first game we were pressing and did a better one, but if you don’t score, you concede a goal. They scored 1-0 and they kept defending well. In the second game, we played the same but changed in defence. That was good, we defended well and in the end we scored a goal”.

“I expected all six points. We were good in training, everything was going well for us. I’m not happy with three points”, he stated. About the next match against Celtic FC, E_c_oneill said that “they should be much better than they are now” in order to defeat them. “We have gameplans ready because we practice a lot against them”, he added. Tactically speaking, Eldridge explained that “almost all teams play 4-3-3, but Celtic plays 4-5-1. We have to adapt and get all six points then”.

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