RoksaCzv22: “We must improve in the future”

AS Roma reacts to the outcome of the Knockout Stage, where they ended the day in 4th place

After concluding the eFootball.Pro IQONIQ Regular Season in 2nd place, AS Roma secured themselves a guaranteed spot in the Knockout Stage Semifinals. They went head-to-head with AS Monaco after they advanced from the Quarterfinals, and ultimately lost the chance to compete in the Final after an aggregate score of 0-2 in the Monegasque trio’s favor. Team captain RoksaCzv22 spoke to Harry Channon about the results. 

He began by admitting: “I think we played very badly in the first game. We missed a good chance. They scored one goal when I was out of position. In the second game I think we also didn’t play well. We didn’t shoot, and they defended very well. I think they deserve their spot in the Final, good luck to AS Monaco.”

Channon then asked about their upcoming match against FC Schalke 04 to determine which club would earn 3rd and 4th place. RoksaCzv22 commented: “We watched their game. Schalke deserved to be in the Final. They didn’t have good luck against Juventus. I’m sure they’re very disappointed. I expect that they’ll try their best to finish 3rd. Of course, we will too, to be happier than we are right now.”

The 3rd/4th place match’s official result is from the second time the two teams played, due to the clubs experiencing latency issues in the first attempt. The German squad won both games 1-2, which is referenced in the interview. RoksaCzv22 discussed the match: “They beat us twice. They deserved it, we didn’t play very well. We missed a lot and we didn’t have luck. I even hit the post in the last minute. We must improve in the future and see what we can do.”

The Serbian player concluded the day by thanking AS Roma fans: “Thanks to them. We’re sorry because we didn’t make it to the Final and bring the trophy home, but we’ll do our best next time.”

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