RoksaCzv22: “We can beat every team in the playoffs”

AS Roma and FC Schalke 04 captains reflect on the match that eventually led to the German team’s qualification and the Italian squad’s 2nd place rank

AS Roma and FC Schalke 04 faced off in the third fixture of Matchday 9, which resulted in one win and one draw for the Italian club. The final outcome left FC Schalke 04 dependent on the results of other clubs’ matchups, and eventually qualified them for the Knockout Stage after ranking in 6th place by the conclusion of the day. Team captains RoksaCzv22 and MeroMen spoke with eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon following their games. 

Channon began the interview by congratulating the Italian team’s captain on the last minute goal that equalized the score and earned them their fourth and final point of the Regular Season. RoksaCzv22 addressed his opponents’ situation going into the end of the matchday: “FC Schalke 04 is one of the best clubs in eFootball.Pro IQONIQ. I hope that they’ll qualify for the playoffs.” He then went on to analyze the gameplay: “The first game was almost perfect for us, we all played very well. I think we 100% deserved that win. In the second game, if I hadn't scored that goal, it would have been my worst game since the start of the league. We have four points, let’s hope we’ll end up in the top two. We’ll start preparing for the playoffs now.”

MeroMen after the match against AS Roma: "We were qualified in the Knockout Stage until the last ten seconds."

As a result of the following gameplay, the Italian club ended up placing second and qualified directly for the Semifinals. RoksaCzv22 was then asked about which clubs he would want to face or avoid in the Knockout Stage. He replied: “If we play well, I’m pretty sure we can beat every team in the playoffs.” He went on to note that if there was one club he was hesitant to share the field with in the playoffs, it would be AS Monaco.

Harry spoke with MeroMen next, asking about the German club’s feelings following the one point gain. The captain acknowledged: “I don’t know what to say after that draw. Every time, it’s very difficult. We were qualified in the Knockout Stage until the last ten seconds. It was a good free kick, but we needed to focus for the last seconds of the second game. We need to be better about keeping the ball.”

Although Channon asked MeroMen to say a few words to Schalke fans in case their time in the 2020-21 season came to an end, the German team representative remained positive: “I’m sure we’ll be in the next stage. After that, I’ll talk to Schalke fans.”

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