A closer look at the Semi-Final matchups to take place in the eFootball.Pro Knockout Stage, with the Final to follow

FC Bayern München and Juventus, and Manchester United FC and FC Barcelona will face each other in the Semi-Finals of the Knockout Stage, with the winners advancing to the Final

The Knockout Stage of the eFootball.Pro Cup will be broadcast on July 31st, taking place following two difficult days for teams in the Group Stage. Days 1 and 2 included impressive hat tricks, major shutout wins, and some unexpected results. The four teams that emerged from the Group Stage victorious, and have advanced to participate in the Knockout Stage, are FC Bayern München, FC Barcelona, Manchester United FC, and Juventus. The first place team from Group A, FC Bayern München, will face Group B second place ranking Juventus and Group B’s first placing team, Manchester United FC, will compete against FC Barcelona for the chance of moving on to the eFootball.Pro Cup Final to play for the championship title. The Semi-Finals are two matches in a home and away format, with the score being the total of the two games. Extra time and penalty shoot-out rules will apply in the event of a tie at this point in the competition.

Semifinal 1

In the first matchup of the Knockout Stage, Group A leading FC Bayern München will play Juventus for a chance of advancing to the Final. In the 2019-2020 eFootball.Pro Regular Season, these teams were ranked closely with the German squad in second place, and the Italian team trailing closely in third place, with only three points separating them on the league table. Although Juventus placed second in the Group Stage, they actually ended that portion of the competition with more points than their first place competition, earning eight points while FC Bayern München has seven. Both teams ended Day 1 of the Cup with undefeated recordshowever they experienced a little more difficulty in the second day, with FC Bayern München’s gameplay resulting in a draw with AS Monaco, and a surprise loss to FC Nantes. In Group B, Juventus managed to stay undefeated, however both of their games during the competition during the July 24th competition concluded with a draw.

Out of all four teams participating in the Knockout Stage, FC Bayern München and Juventus have the top two CO-OP scores, with the German club at 18,918 points and the Italian team with 19,432. ETTORITO97 was the top scorer of both groups, responsible for 7,688 of Juventus’ leaderboard topping amount of points. With the exception of Ildistruttore, all five of the other players from these teams ranked within the top five players in their respective groups by the conclusion of the first day of the Group Stage, with JOSE topping Group A after also receiving one MVP award, and two best goal awards, winning a total of €30,000 just throughout the first two days of the Cup. ETTORITO97 landed in the top position for Group B on the first day, and second position on Day 2, with his performance also being recognized by KONAMI with the MVP award from the first day. 

Semifinal 2

The second half of the Semifinals will be Manchester United FC facing FC Barcelona, to determine who will compete against the Semifinal 1 winner, to reveal the ultimate eFootball.Pro Cup champion. Manchester United ended the Group Stage in first place for Group B, with a ten point total by the conclusion of the first stage of the competition. FC Barcelona achieved seven points by the end of this stage, with two losses so far compared to zero from the English team. In the Regular Season of eFootball.Pro, these teams were separated on the league table by several rankings, with Barcelona ending the season in fourth place, and Manchester United FC in ninth. While the teams didn’t have a chance to face each other in the Regular Season, the statistics from the gameplay throughout the five matchdays that were held would be in favor of the Blaugrana squad. 

Manchester United FC ranked first from Group B with a total of 17,294 CO-OP points from both days of the Group Stage. Their youngest player, OSTRYBUCH, managed to rank within the top five players after Day 1 and Day 2 of the competition, with a total of 6,562 CO-OP points, while both his teammates and opponents were unable to break past the 6,000 point threshold. He was also the recipient of the award for best goal in the first day of the Group Stage for his group, helping lead the English team to their impressive spot on the leaderboard with ten points, a feat no other team was able to achieve. FC Barcelona’s GuiFera has also helped the Blaugrana club prove that they are top contenders for the championship title, being the second highest ranking player of the two teams, and also earning the €10,000 prize for MVP of the second day of competition in the eFootball.Pro Cup. 

The victors of the two Semi-Final matchups will face each other in the Final, a single match to determine which eFootball.Pro club has earned the championship title. All teams have performed exceptionally throughout the prior two days of competition, some mirroring their success in the Regular Season, while Manchester United FC was ranked second to last at the conclusion of the season but currently has the most points going into the Semifinals of the eFootball.Pro Cup. This upcoming stage of the Cup will give the clubs the chance to prove what type of skill and gameplay they would have brought into the rest of the Regular Season, and a preview of what is to come in future competitions. 

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