PREVIEW: A new year brings new fixtures and excitement over upcoming Matchday 2

Check out the competitions in store for the second matchday and learn what we know so far

eFootball.Pro is entering the new year with a livestream of the second matchday of the 2020-21 season, which will broadcast on Saturday, January 16th at 13:00 CET. Fans have now had the opportunity to see the style of gameplay the new players and teams will be bringing to the competition, and now we look to the upcoming fixtures to analyze the approaching competition. 

FC Barcelona vs. Arsenal FC

Of the six PES players facing off in this featured match, only one is new to the league this season: ALEXR. After an impressive debut performance in Matchday 1, scoring two of the Blaugrana squad’s five total, he has proven his spot in the league among his older and more experienced competitors. FC Barcelona and Arsenal FC are ranked closely on the league table at 4th and 6th place respectively, after both teams earned three points in Matchday 1 following one win and one loss against their opponents. While almost all of these players participated in the previous season of eFootball.Pro, the rosters of both teams differ greatly with THE PALMA being the only player to represent the same club as he did in 2019-20. This matchup will also see ALEX GRD of FC Barcelona face the team he signed with last season, Arsenal FC. These two clubs faced each other in Matchday 3 of the 2019-20 season, which resulted in 1 draw (1-1) and 1 win (1-0) for FC Barcelona.  


FC Schalke 04 vs. FC Bayern München

The German derby will feature an almost identical lineup as it did last season, with Urma being the new addition to FC Schalke 04. This will be FC Bayern München’s first time facing one of the rookie players in the 2020-21 season, making Urma the first unknown factor of this season compared to the 2019-20 competition. While the two teams ended the previous season on different ends of the league table, with FC Schalke 04 in 10th and FC Bayern München in 2nd, the current standings reflect a different story following Matchday 1. FC Schalke 04 took three points following their first competition placing them in the 3rd position on the leaderboard, while FC Bayern München sits at 7th with two points following two draws against Juventus. The German clubs last faced each other in Matchday 3 of last season, which coincided with the same matchup in Bundesliga, heightening excitement for what resulted in two shutout victories for Bayern.


Manchester United FC vs. Celtic FC

The English and Scottish squads will enter their match from opposite ends of the league table, with Manchester United FC sitting at 2nd place after earning four points in Matchday 1, while Celtic FC was unable to acquire any after two losses and placing in the 10th rank on the league table. Celtic FC’s rookies, umbee96_ and PataNegra7 still have yet to play against any fellow newcomers, as they faced the experienced AS Monaco roster last matchday and now prepare to compete against E_C_Oneill, Kams10_, and Ostrybuch. As they move on to the second matchday, the Manchester United players hope to maintain their high ranking position towards the top of the leaderboard. Returning Scottish team representative, Jorcha, last faced the English squad in Matchday 3 of the 2019-20 season which resulted in one draw and one win for Celtic, with the team captain himself scoring two of the five goals that led to their four points. 


AS Roma vs. AS Monaco

Historically one of the most feared teams in the league, AS Monaco proved their elite status in Matchday 1 as the only club to achieve two wins taking all six points to the leaderboard, placing first. As a new club with a combination of experienced eFootball.Pro players that fans had never seen compete together, AS Roma started out with a strong performance in the first matchday ranking 5th after one win and one loss against FC Barcelona. Although this is AS Monaco’s first time facing the eFootball.Pro newcoming club, they faced each of the team representatives last season: S-Venom in Matchday 1 while he was signed with Arsenal FC, and KEPA and RoksaCzv22 in Matchday 3 while they played for FC Nantes. The Monegasque trio impressively won all four games from these matchups. 


Galatasaray SK vs. Juventus

Galatasaray SK and Juventus will enter Matchday 2 closely ranked on the league table, with the Turkish club in 9th after earning 1 point last matchday, and the Italian team at 8th with 2 points. After facing the eFootball.Pro Cup championship team in the first matchday of the season, this will be Juventus’ first opportunity to compete against any of the new players who have entered the 2020-21 season. Galatasaray SK ended their previous matchday, against Manchester United FC after one draw and one loss, with two goals scored in their favor throughout the day. However, all of the Turkish team representatives have yet to achieve their first goal of the season with both of the goals for Galatasaray being own goals of the English club. 

Stream Matchday 2 live on YouTube on Saturday, January 16th to see the clubs continue their path towards the championship!

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