Players' thoughts of their performance after Manchester United FC vs FC Bayern München

For this Match, both teams had their managers on the stage. Lutti-1 and The_Almighty_DS helped Bayern and Manchester United respectively

Representing FC Bayern München, Alex Alguacil answered Harry Channon’s questions about the defeat in the first Game and the draw in the second: “We are very disappointed. We did a good job. In the first Game both teams were really good and in the last chance they sent a long ball to see what happened, and they scored. In the second Game, we were better but sometimes the ball doesn’t go in.”

Anyways, he was satisfied with how the team performed: “We played beautiful and created a lot of chances but we have to keep working because it wasn’t enough.”

About Matchday 2, Alguacil saif that “it’s a different kind of match because the style of FC Barcelona players is completely different from what we saw today. “We’ll work super hard, we have to analyse how they work and what we can improve. If we don’t believe in each other, it’s not possible, so we do it”, he added.

Excited after obtaining 4 points, E_c_oneill from Manchester United showed his excitement: “It feels great, we are very happy because FC Bayern München is one of the top teams and title contenders. It’s a great step into the top 6 and a great start in the competition”.

E_c_oneill valued United’s squad: “We have a great team, a mixed team of experience and youth. Everyone has played at the highest level and I hope we can win with this team”.

Finally, he explained that the Matchday 2’s Match against Arsenal “will be hard because Christopher is the captain and he is very strong tactically”. Then he explained it: “There’s no way to prepare (the match against) Arsenal because they always change something tactically, so you can’t play one formation against them. You have to adjust during the game, see what they are doing and respond accordingly”.

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