Players' thoughts of their performance after FC Schalke 04 vs Celtic FC in Matchday 1

The German team won both Games and got 6 points, leading the table after AS Monaco

After losing both Games, INDOMINATOR from Celtic FC answered Harry Channon’s questions. “We both were playing quite good, very defensively also. We also got the chances but didn’t score them. We had to play more offensively after Schalke 04’s goal in the second match and in the last chance the ball didn’t go in.”

INDOMINATOR explained the chosen tactics for Matchday 1: “Hopefully we can play differently the next match, because this match we played defensively on purpose. This team was formed two weeks ago only and we can practice the next weeks to play the second Matchday”. 

“This is a complete new team, but after reaching the second place last year, expectations are high. At the moment our goal is to reach the top six”, the Dutch player concluded.

Winners of the Match, FC Schalke 04’s, acknowledged their luck in the first Game. “Celtic had few chances to score, but it was a solid team defending and 1-0 is the best result in football. We had speedy players and they made the difference”, EL_MATADOR (Mike Linden) said.

For Matchday 2, when Schalke 04 will play against Juventus, Linden explained that they “train a lot against them, they are very good single players. With a bit of luck we can get another three or six points”. 

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