Players' thoughts of their performance after FC Nantes vs Boavista FC in Matchday 1

Both teams obtained 3 points after winning one game each

FC Nantes’ Roksa was the first one interviewed by Harry Channon during Matchday 1. The Serbian player described the Match: “We played very well the first Game, winning 4-0. But we started the second Game a little bad, then we scored a goal and tried to comeback but they scored another and we lost”.

He showed his enthusiasm after signing by Nantes he hopes to prove the club that they “are good”. Regarding Matchday 2, when the French squad faces Celtic FC, Roksa hopes to “win both Games”.

On their side, Boavista FC players were visibly happy during the interview and captain Barboza answered eFootball.Pro’s questions. He acknowledged that the change in the formation helped them to win the second Game: “We changed the 4-3-3 to 4-4-2, and with this change I think we won the game, we had the ability to improve”.

Barboza talked also about the fact of representing Boavista: “It’s an honour for us. It’s very good that Portuguese clubs are taking part in these competitions, and it’s very important to us representing a club from our country”.

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