Players' thoughts of their performance after FC Barcelona vs Juventus

The points of this Match were decided in the injury time of the second Game

Juventus’ players looked very saddened after the defeat in the last minute. Captain ETTORITO97 talked with Harry Channon: “We played two Games so close. In the first one we were 1-0 winning and then 1-1 due to a defensive problem, because we didn’t kick the ball away. The second was so close again and they scored in the 5 minutes of extra-time.”

“Barcelona wanted to win and they win, because we did nothing. They deserved it”, stated ETTORITO97.

Finally, he talked about Matchday 2: “We need to train a lot and next Matchday I think we will win. We need to change the style of game because we were centered in defense but we have good players in attack”. 

FC Barcelona’s captain, the Brazilian GuiFera, was very proud of the result in Matchday 1. He showed it in the second Game, when the blaugranas won in the last minute of injury time, and he also explained it to Harry Channon in the mixed zone: “I’m very happy with our Match and my teammates because we are prepared for the competition. We will continue training in order to evolve.”

GuiFera had also words for their next rivals in January, and valued the level of their opponents: “We will play against FC Bayern München and they are very good players".

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