The path to eFootball.Pro for former eFootball.Open World Finals participants

Take a look at the performances of the amateur players turned professional in their first season of eFootball.Pro

Among the eFootball.Open 2020 World Finals participants were Gagliardo28, Mucahit21, and umbee96_. Their ability to qualify for the competition caught the attention of the eFootball.Pro clubs, resulting in their signings and eventual participation in the elite league. Gagliardo28 and umbee96_ joined one of the founding clubs of eFootball.Pro, Celtic FC, and Mucahit21 competed on behalf of  Galatasaray SK in their league debut. 

Mucahit21 stunned the league with his debut professional performance playing for his home country, Turkey, by representing Galatasaray SK in their first season of eFootball.Pro after playing for AS Monaco in the 2020 World Finals on the Xbox One platform. Although Galatasaray SK didn’t advance to the Knockout Stage, Mucahit21 was one of three players that earned an individual award at the conclusion of the Regular Season. His defensive gameplay set him apart from both his teammates and his opponents, with his 16,138 points earning him the €30,000 prize. The Turkish player was the only competitor to earn over 16,000 points for his defense throughout the nine matchdays, and he was also the overall leader for proactive gameplay (10,787 points). 

Gagliardo28 represented FC Bayern München in the eFootball.Open 2020 World Finals on the PlayStation4 platform. He was the latest addition to the 2020-21 season of eFootball.Pro, joining the Scottish club in Matchday 5, playing for the next four consecutive matchdays. The Italian player was presented with the best goal award for his final performance of the Regular Season in Matchday 8. His shot in was an equalizer in minute 90’ of Game 1 that helped Celtic FC avoid a loss to their opponents, FC Barcelona. He impressively scored in each game he participated in, achieving two goals in his first three matchdays and one in his fourth. In addition, he placed within the top five players for CO-OP points earned in Matchday 7

The third player to advance from the eFootball.Open 2020 World Finals to eFootball.Pro is umbee96_. He was one of the three rookies to join Celtic FC, including 2020 Regional Finalist PataNegra7, along with veteran captain Jorcha. This wasn’t his first time representing the Scottish team, as he played for them in the eFootball.Open 2020 World Finals on the PlayStation4 platform. He participated in all but one matchday in the 2020-21 season. In Matchday 5, he tied with two other players for scoring the second highest number of goals, achieving three successful shots throughout the two games. 

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