Most memorable last-minute goals of this season

Check out the six successful shots that took place after the 90th minute throughout the Regular Season

Throughout the nine matchdays that took place in the 2020-21 season of eFootball.Pro, five goals were scored after minute 90’ of the competition. Of these shots, four played a part in altering the amount of points the teams walked away with at the end of the day, with three guaranteeing a win and one securing a draw. 

The first of these goals took place in Matchday 4 during the second game of FC Schalke 04 and AS Monaco’ s fixture. After a close first game that narrowly awarded victory to the Monegasque squad, they came back in the following competition with a 4-0 shutout win, concluded by Kilzyou’s last minute shot in minute 90+1’. It was one of five goals achieved by the youngster that day, helping his club bring all six points to the league table. 

The next goal of this kind occurred in FC Barcelona and Juventus’ matchup during the fifth matchday. It was achieved in minute 90+1’ of Game 1 by LoScandalo, which came as a welcome shot after the scoreboard had remained at a draw since minute 11’. It granted Juventus their first of two victories throughout the match, after IL DISTRUTTORE44 went on to single handedly secure the second 0-4 win, giving the six points of the day to the Italian trio. 

Four of the five goals played a part in altering the amount of points the teams walked away with at the end of the day.

Arsenal FC joined the action of Matchday 5 with barboza’s minute 90+3’ goal in their second game against FC Bayern München. After emerging from Game 1 victorious, the Portuguese player’s goal was the move the Gunners needed to guarantee themselves the maximum amount of points by the matchday’s conclusion. 

Youngster Ostrybuch emerged as one of the star performers in Manchester United FC’s fixture with FC Schalke 04 on Matchday 7. In the first game, the score remained close as the clubs traded the lead and brought the game to an eventual 2-2 draw, when Ostrybuch then put the scoreboard back in the English squad’s favor in minute 90+3’ with his second goal of the game, earning his team the three points that went along with the play. 

The final late game goal took place in the last matchday of the Regular Season, achieved by AS Roma captain RoksaCzv22 against the Italian team’s opponent, FC Schalke 04. It took place in minute 90+1’ of Roma’s final competition of the Regular Season, equalizing the result after S-Venom had scored an own goal just after the fifth minute. It added to the last four total points AS Roma took to the league table as they advanced to the Knockout Stage.

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