MESTRE: "We have to keep working, keep training, and the results will come"

INDOMINATOR gives credit to teammates for Arsenal FC’s impressive six point victory as FC Bayern München looks to improve in future matchdays

The second matchup of the March 13th competition was between FC Bayern München and Arsenal FC, with two rosters of experienced PES players all going head-to-head. The match concluded in two 2-1 victories for the Gunners, sending the clubs to opposite ends of the league table with Arsenal FC in first place and FC Bayern München in 10th. Bayern’s MESTRE and Arsenal FC’s INDOMINATOR spoke with eFootball.Pro IQONIQ commentator Harry Channon to give their thoughts on the matchday. 

Harry first spoke with MESTRE about the German club’s disappointing zero point gain following the two close games. MESTRE stated: “Arsenal had a plan, and stuck with their plan. Congrats to Yos and his team. I think we deserved at least four points but that’s not an excuse. We have to keep working, keep training, and I think the results will come. This is the way to continue.” He also analyzed the gameplay: “We need to improve our finishing because it’s a shame that we had six clear opportunities and we missed five… We need to improve that for sure.”

INDOMINATOR: "We were the ones creating the game. We dominated."

Next, Channon asked about their upcoming fixture against Galatasaray SK, noting the Turkish clubs skilled defensive gameplay so far this season. MESTRE admitted: “Galatasaray is going to be a tough battle because they’re doing really well defending. We have to improve our finishing, because when we’re playing, we’re playing well. It was a bad day for us but we’ll come back stronger.”

In INDOMINATOR’s interview, he was first asked what Arsenal FC did strategically to achieve the impressive result. He claimed: “We just played our game, we trusted each other and the playstyle we play. We have shown today that we’re capable of more than we’ve shown so far. We have beaten the champions of last year’s eFootball.Pro Cup. We were the ones creating the game. We dominated.” The team captain also pointed out: “If you look at the statistics, we don’t need a lot of chances. We just try to create 100% chances, and sometimes two chances are enough to win a game.”

Recognizing that defeating Bayern was a crucial victory, Channon then asked how they will prepare for facing the two-time eFootball.Pro IQONIQ reigning champions, AS Monaco. INDOMINATOR stated: “The six points today are a great boost for us. We have to come up with a new gameplan. Monaco plays very differently than Bayern München… We have two weeks which should be enough time to give us the confidence.” At the end of the interview, he even mentioned that he hoped for Arsenal FC to take the first place ranking, as he was unaware at the time that the English club had already achieved the feat with their total of 19 points.

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