MeroMen: “We’ve made a big step towards the next round”

The Juventus and FC Schalke 04 captains hope to defend their positions within the top six ranks on the league table as they enter the last matchday of the Regular Season

Juventus and FC Schalke 04 entered Matchday 8 tied with points on the league table, and concluded in the same position after both clubs earned three additional points, with the German squad in 4rd and the Italian trio now in 5th place. FC Schalke 04 was victorious in the first game, and Juventus achieved a win in the second. Team captains ETTORITO97 and MeroMen were interviewed by Harry Channon following the gameplay. 

MeroMen began by acknowledging the skill displayed by Schalke’s opponents, Juventus, during the fixture. He then went on to discuss the match: “These are a very important three points for us to reach the next stage. In the end, we’re very happy with the three points. We’ve made a big step towards the next round.” Harry congratulated them on the match, noting that they were still level on the league table with Juventus as the clubs enter the final matchday of the Regular Season. 

ETTORITO97: "We didn’t get all of the points possible, but three points are good towards the Knockout Stage."

Harry then asked the German club captain about their upcoming opponents, AS Roma. MeroMen explained: “Roma is crazy. Sometimes they could score ten goals, other times only one. Every time it’s a surprise when we play against them. We feel good about playing against them and we’ll be ready for it.”

Juventus captain ETTORITO97 was next up to recap the matchday: “In the first match, we missed three clear chances. They defended well, we didn’t find a solution in the second half. So, they managed 1-0. We’re disappointed because the game would’ve gone a different way with the three goals. In the second game, we started aggressively, started to manage the game, and we won. We didn’t get all of the points possible, but three points are good towards the Knockout Stage.”

He then analyzed their Matchday 9 fixture, where Juventus is set to face Manchester United FC. ETTORITO97 noted: “Manchester is a really great team. They have strong defense, and they’re working to qualify, so we’ll try to win both games. For the Knockout Stage, and because it’s the last matchday, we want the maximum amount of points.”

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