Meromen after defeating FC Barcelona: "I'm so happy for our team"

FC Barcelona looks to move back up the league table following a disappointing performance and FC Schalke 04 hopes to continue with more victories

FC Barcelona and FC Schalke 04 made up the final fixture of the March 27th competition. The valid first game results are from the rematch held after the conclusion of the Matchday 7 livestream, which resulted in a win for FC Schalke 04 following a single goal scored by MeroMen in minute 21’. The German club was also victorious in Game 2, earning them all six points from the match. The interviews with ALEX GRD and MeroMen were done before the rematch of Game 1.

Channon first spoke with ALEX GRD of FC Barcelona, asking about the Blaugrana club’s reaction to the results. ALEX GRD explained: “We missed some occasions, but I think we played well in the first game [before the Game 1 Rematch]. But, we couldn’t do anything in the second so I don’t know what happened today. We are very good in training, we win a lot.” He continued to analyze: “I think we need to train more and get back. It’s difficult because we were so far ahead, and now it’s complicated. We’re in third place [before the Game 1 Rematch], but with this match it’s not good at all.”

ALEX GRD: "It’s difficult because we were so far ahead, and now it’s complicated."

ALEX GRD was then asked about Barcelona’s upcoming opponents, FC Bayern München. He replied: “They’re the best team in training for this competition. It will be difficult. They’re last in the rankings, but it means nothing. All teams are good, we saw this today. We will train to have three, four, or even six points I hope.”

FC Schalke 04 captain MeroMen was interviewed next by Channon, congratulated for the impressive results. MeroMen looked back on the competition: “Before the games, we knew Barcelona was the favorite. But after the first minutes, we saw we were doing very well. In the first game it was a bit unlucky, there were too many mistakes from us. In the second, we did very well. Barcelona is so strong, but we did it perfectly. I’m so happy for our team.”

When asked about their Matchday 7 opponents, Manchester United FC, MeroMen looked ahead: “We played against them three times this week in training. They’re a really good team, we like them a lot. It’s a 50/50 game, I think no one is the favorite. We’ll practice to hopefully get three of four points.” Channon concluded the interview specifically congratulating EL_Matador for his standout goal in minute 83’, and the entire squad on their skilled gameplay that led to their favorable results. 

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